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The battle over Memorial Day

A battle over Memorial Day has erupted and it's an ugly one.

It began last week when Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards called on Americans to speak out and rally against the Iraq war on Memorial Day. That triggered a vehement rebuke from the American Legion, which called the suggestion a "revolting" attempt to sully a hallowed day.

Pelosi protects House bully John Murtha

In actions that continue to discredit her promise to demand ethical behavior in Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defends the actions of Democratic bully John Murtha, a Pennsylvania Congressman with a long history of questionable behavior.

Pelosi is blocking demands for a reprimand of Murtha for threatening a GOP lawmaker's spending projects.

McCain’s meltdown

Arizona Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain, whose chances to ever live in the White House are melting down faster than the polar icecaps, lost his cool in the Senate chambers this week.

Massive budget approved

The U.S. Congress on Thursday approved a $2.9 trillion fiscal 2008 budget that funds President George W. Bush's huge defense buildup while also adding money for Democrats' domestic priorities.

The budget, written by Democrats who control both chambers of Congress, received no backing from House Republicans, while only two moderate Republicans in the Senate supported it.

Senators cut deal on immigration

Leading U.S. senators reached an agreement on Thursday on immigration reform that would strengthen U.S. borders and grant lawful status to millions of illegal immigrants, a deal that could lead to a major legislative victory for President George W. Bush.

Dems want no-confidence vote on Gonzales

Attorney General Gonzels (AP)Support for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales sank further Thursday as Democrats proposed a no-confidence vote, a fifth GOP senator called for his resignation and yet another Republican predicted he won't survive a congressional investigation.

‘Bring us the head of Alberto Gonzales’

Alberto Gonzales
Attorney General Gonzales(AP)

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is under new political heat after two more Republicans came out against him and Democrats broadened their probe of prosecutor firings to questions of whether he politicized the Justice Department at the White House's behest.

Gonzales, who some believed had survived the furor over the firings, came under new pressure Wednesday when Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., became the fourth Republican senator to urge him to resign. Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., also said the attorney general should consider stepping down.

President Bush continued to stand by his longtime friend and adviser.

Let’s make a deal?

Congressional Democrats and President Bush's top aides will enter another round of high-stakes negotiations on funding for the Iraq war in what has become an exhaustive test of wills.

The talks are expected to continue for days, as the each side struggles for the upper hand.