Capitol Hillbillies

Ted Kennedy has brain cancer

A cancerous brain tumor caused the seizure Sen. Edward M. Kennedy suffered over the weekend, doctors said Tuesday in a grim diagnosis for one of American politics’ most enduring figures.

A bumper crop of subsidies

The farm bill’s failings have been well documented. It is hugely expensive; it benefits wealthy farmers and agribusinesses already profiting from record high farm prices. It extends subsidies into new areas — fruits, vegetables, racehorses, salmon; further distorts markets — by diverting heavily subsidized sugar into heavily subsidized ethanol production, for example.

Sen. Kennedy recovering after seizure

Out of immediate danger, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy remained hospitalized as doctors worked to determine what caused one of the nation’s best-known senators to suffer a seizure in his Cape Cod home.

Kennedy, 76, the lone surviving son in a famed political family, was flown Saturday morning to a Boston hospital after becoming ill and being treated at the emergency room of Cape Cod Hospital.

A new scandal brewing on Capitol Hill?

Word of what some on Capitol Hill fear may become the next major congressional scandal is beginning to leak out.

The Justice Department apparently is investigating allegations that lawmakers illegally have used their staffs for campaign purposes or to handle such personal chores as cleaning legislators’ homes and fetching their dry cleaning.

Going to war over war bill

Congressional Democrats are heading toward another confrontation with President Bush and this time they’re hoping they might finally win one. Don’t bet on it.

Putting president ahead of people

As House Republicans push for a vote on the Senate’s revision of the Protect America Act, one key point has been lost in the debate: The Senate version of the legislation would do more to protect the Bush administration than it would to protect Americans and their rights.

Born to be ambiguous

Constitutional scholars spend countless hours trying to decipher the meaning of a 221-year-old document written by men who, while demonstrably among the more advanced political thinkers of their day, could hardly have been prescient enough to anticipate an urban nation of huge ethnic diversity let alone a global social order.

The down on the farm bill

When President Bush took office, one of his early orders of business was the 2002 renewal of the farm bill. He had idealistic plans to slash taxpayer farm subsidies and place income limits on those who could receive those subsidies.

McCain is for sale, just like the rest

Arizona Sen. John McCain, the presumptive GOP candidate for Presidents, portrays himself as a “straight talker” who avoids back room,deal making politics.

In truth, McCain is just another politician on the take, ready and willing to do anything to help a fatcat friend with deep pockets and lots of pull.

And one of McCain’s best friends is an Arizona deal-maker named Donald R. Diamond.