Are you certain?

Certainty about facts, opinions, positions and the future is something common to politics. The chances of someone getting elected based on a platform of the reality that nothing is certain are nil. We are a culture that prizes certainty over honesty, humility or reality. Uncertainty is a weakness, indeed sinful. Yet if anything is certain […]

Winning addiction

Addictions are the hot topic lately, what with famous figures populating rehab facilities like some of us take vacations, the psychological community debating what is and what is not an addiction, and the question of whether behavior is by choice or by nature. I would like to add a category that in my opinion is […]

The corporate state

The Supreme Court has put what will prove to be the nearly final nail in the coffin of democracy in its 5-4 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission by removing limits on corporate campaign contributions. While the latest blow came from a Roberts Court, the underpinnings of this disaster go all the way […]