Edward Headington: Reforming California Measure by Measure

As President Obama and lame duck Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have learned the hard way, complete overhauls or transformations are rare in American politics. Incrementalism is the general rule, even here in California despite our reputation for exporting revolutionary ideas.  Healthcare reform led by the late Senator Ted Kennedy in the 1990’s and Healthy Families started […]

Lance Simmens: Question Authority, Act Authoritatively

So the mid-term elections are only a little over a week away and folks, it is now time to get serious. As the political hyperbole, half-truths, distortions, and personal attacks mount to a furious crescendo in advance of November 2nd, citizens now get their opportunity to thumb their noses at the pundits, consultants, and yes, […]

U.S. Pushing To Expand CIA Operations In Pakistan

WASHINGTON–The U.S. is pushing to expand a secret CIA effort to help Pakistan target militants in their havens near the Afghan border, according to senior officials, as the White House seeks new ways to prod Islamabad into more aggressive action against groups allied with al Qaeda, The push comes as relations between Washington and Islamabad […]

Hannah Peaker: If Women Ran the World

What’s the one thing that could bring ExxonMobil, Harvard University, Pfizer, and the former Prime Minister of Canada together? I know this sounds like the start of a bad joke, but the answer is no joke: they came together to discuss how to tap into the now better-educated half of the population — women. Nearly […]

James Neal, Watergate Prosecutor, Dies At 81

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Outside the courtroom, James F. Neal had an amiable, backslapping way with friends and foes alike. Inside the chamber, the face of one of America’s greatest trial lawyers often became fixed in a steely gaze. The attorney who regularly grabbed national headlines – whether prosecuting Jimmy Hoffa or key Watergate figures, or […]

Chris Weigant: Friday Talking Points [144] — Midterm Home Stretch

I’m going to (mostly) resist the urge to take advantage of this column’s volume number in order to write a really gross column. Numerically, and inventory-wise, a “gross” is (of course) one dozen dozen. Twelve squared. But to dwell on this cheap pun would be unseemly, even though there’s plenty of “gross” material out there […]

Bill Clinton Races To Help Democrats, Treading Where Obama Won’t

WASHINGTON — Bill Clinton, out of the Oval Office for nearly a decade and once considered a political liability, is campaigning for Democratic candidates at a pace no one can match, drawing big crowds and going to states that President Barack Obama avoids. If the Republican wave on Nov. 2 ends up a bit weaker […]