Rage Against The Machine Guitarist Coming To Wisconsin For Concert

MADISON, WIS. – For the past week, the protests outside of the Wisconsin statehouse have had a background soundtrack of Bruce Springsteen, Journey and even the Beastie Boys blasting from speakers as marchers walk around chanting “Kill the bill!” and “Recall Walker!” But on Monday, Madison will get some live music — a concert headlined […]

Wisconsin Putting The Civility Back Into Discourse

(Reuters) – When the two sides in Wisconsin’s bitter battle over the future of the state’s unionized public employees converged on the Capitol on Saturday for dueling rallies, the fear was trouble would break out. (SCROLL DOWN FOR LIVE UPDATES) Instead, the day was marked by a surprising civility when the shouting stopped and the […]

Madison Protests Hit Largest Numbers On Saturday

MADISON, Wis. — Sometimes they cursed each other, sometimes they shook hands, sometimes they walked away from each other in disgust. (SCROLL DOWN FOR LIVE UPDATES) None of it – not the ear-splitting chants, the pounding drums or the back-and-forth debate between 70,000 protesters – changed the minds of Wisconsin lawmakers dug into a stalemate […]

Ed Schultz Tells Limbaugh: ‘Wrap Your Fat Ass In The Flag’ Over Wisconsin Protests

Ed Schultz tore into Rush Limbaugh for calling the protesters fighting the anti-union bill in Wisconsin “freeloaders,” telling Limbaugh that he should wrap his “fat ass” in the American flag. Schultz made his comments during a special Saturday edition of “The Ed Show.” He was reporting live from Wisconsin, with a raucous crowd of protesters […]

Steven Weber: Connecting the Dots

“Look down there. Tell me. Would you really feel any pity if one of those dots stopped moving forever? If I offered you twenty thousand pounds for every dot that stopped, would you really, old man, tell me to keep my money, or would you calculate how many dots you could afford to spare? Free […]

Loraine Boyle: Time for Democrats to Turn up the Volume

I woke up this morning from a dream of teachers on strike in a large group of protesters that resembled in size those in the Middle East. I didn’t realize how much the Wisconsin protests against the Republican governor’s plan to take away collective bargaining rights from unions had invaded my subconscious. Maybe it’s because […]

Tamar Abrams: Planned Parenthood and Me… and You

My first encounter with Planned Parenthood was in 1978, when I was a college freshman in St. Louis. Looking back, it seems like such an innocent time. I’d never talked to my mother about birth control, never discussed such things with a doctor. My roommate suggested I go to Planned Parenthood, conveniently located just a […]

Democratic Strategy In Wisconsin: Kill The Bill, Recall Republicans

MADISON, WIS. — Final passage of Gov. Scott Walker’s (R-Wis.) controversial proposal to strip away collective bargaining rights from public employees is currently stalled, thanks to Senate Democrats who left the state in order to prevent their GOP colleagues from reaching a quorum needed to move forward. But many remained worried that once they come […]

How Mideast Autocrats Win Friends In Washington

NEW YORK — Shortly after 20 Shiite opposition leaders, including clerics and human rights activists, were arrested on the eve of elections in Bahrain last September, U.S. State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley was asked about the situation, including allegations of police torture, “given the close relations between Bahrain and the United States.” Crowley responded, “We […]

Jonathan Richards: The Problem With Democracy

Content from The Huffington Post, obtained via an RSS feed, as in all content in in our Political briefs section. Most web sites use RSS to feature blurbs withs links back to the original site. HuffPo features many stories from other sites with links back to the original source. For some reason, HuffPo often features […]

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