Democrats defend hardball tactics

Democrats defend hardball tactics

Under heavy Republican attack, Democrats in the House of Representatives on Tuesday defended plans to pass a healthcare overhaul without a direct vote as President Barack Obama‘s top domestic priority neared a make-or-break showdown. Obama and House Democratic leaders lobbied undecided Democrats for support ahead of a possible weekend vote on the overhaul, which would […]

Liz Cheney’s witchhunt flames out

A witchhunt orchestrated by George W. Bush supporters against government lawyers representing Guantanamo inmates has backfired, as conservatives joined the outcry against the McCarthy-like attacks. “Who are these government officials? Eric Holder would only name two. What’s the secrecy behind the other seven? Whose values do they share?” asks the video ad posted online by […]

Cheney suffered mild heart attack

Cheney suffered mild heart attack

Family members say former Vice President Dick Cheney suffered a “mild” heart attack earlier this week. Cheney was hospitalized Monday with chest pains — the latest in several trips to the hospital in what has been a long, protracted battle with heart disease. Lab tests at George Washington University Hospital revealed Tuesday Cheney had, indeed, […]

Powell: Cheney wrong about Obama

Colin Powell, former President George W. Bush‘s Secretary of State, says Bush’s Vice-President, Dick Cheney, is full of crap when it comes to charges that the country is less safe with Barack Obama in the White House. “To suggest that somehow we have become much less safer because of the actions of the administration, I […]

Americans: Government is broken big time

Nearly nine of every 10 Americans think the government of this country is broken but they still hope that the it can be fixed. That’s the result of a new CNN/Opinion Research poll released Sunday. The poll of 1,023 adults found 86 percent feel the nation’s government is broken. Of that 86 percent, 81 percent […]

Winning campaign strategy: Bash Pelosi

Time-proven ploy of politics: Identify an enemy and then run against that enemy. Many candidates run for Congress not by opposing the record of their opponent but by running against the President. Many Democrats who won House and Senate seats in 2006 won by running against then-President George W. Bush. Republicans who hope to win […]

The new poor: No jobs, no hope

The greatest recession since the Great Depression has created a new, large and growing class of “new poor,” composed of millions who held jobs for most of their lives but now face years of unemployment and little hope of ever regaining the standard of living they once knew and took for granted. Millions of Americans […]

CPAC red-faced over Paul’s straw poll win

The wheels came off the smooth-running Conservative Political Action Conference right-wing love machine this weekend when libertarian political gadfly Ron Paul won the 2010 straw poll and sent boos through the meeting ballroom. Paul garnered 31 percent of the vote, topping perennial winner and favorite Mitt Romney by nine points. Everyone else, including GOP sex […]

The right wing finds new life

Suddenly, conservatives are back in style. A surge of young, enthusiastic conservative activists, united by opposition to President Barack Obama‘s increasingly unpopular agenda, have invirogated the right wing and they predict Republican wins in November’s congressional elections. Gathering at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the re-energized right wing promise a full court press […]

Cheney: Obama is a one-termer

George W. Bush’s Prince of Darkness is predicting the political demise of Barack Obama. Former Vice President Dick Cheney told right-wing political activists this week he thinks Barack Obama is a “one-term president.” Appearing, without advance notice, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Cheney predicted 2010 will be a big year for Republicans, citing GOP […]