Health care ‘reform’ is Obama’s Waterloo

President Barack Obama may regret making health care “reform” the benchmark of his Presidency.

If the bastard child of the Senate legislative morass that passed on a 60-40 party line vote becomes law it will stand in history as the benchmark of failure for Obama’s over-promised, under-performing, one-term Presidency.

Crafted by lobbyists, gutted by compromise and bloated with pork to win support, the 2,000-pages-plus bill scheduled for a vote on Christmas Eve benefits insurance companies and leaves Americans facing higher heath care costs under a system even worse than the one it is designed to replace.

Barack H. Obama: Just another George W. Bush?

As a candidate for President, Barack Obama promised to end Constitutional abuses and infringement on freedoms by the administration of George W. Bush.

As President, Obama has continued the abuse and now backs many of the rights-robbing practices of his predecessor.

Since becoming President, Obama backed Bush’s controversial use of the National Security Agengy (NSA) to wiretap Americans without warrants. He has expanded, not curtailed, Bush’s “war on terror” and has done nothing to roll back the Constitutional abuses of the USA Patriot Act, a law he voted to extend while serving in the Senate.

Screw ‘em: We know when we’re right

In December 2005, a long-time friend who worked in the Bush White House tipped me on a meeting the President had with some top GOP leaders. During that meeting, a worried Republican aide told Bush that the USA Patriot Act represented a threat to the Constitution.

Bush, whose temper is always close to the surface, exploded:

"Stop throwing the Constitution in my face," Bush screamed back. "It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!"

Is Biden a change Vice President?

On January 20, 2009, if John McCain takes the oath of office as the next President and Barack Obama returns to the Senate to figure out what happened to his once promising campaign, he should remember Friday, August 22, 2008 as the day he made a mistake that cost him the Presidency.

That was the day Obama named Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. as his running mate.

Congressional Pages: ‘Kids gone wild’

Sex among young Congressional pages has become so rampant that two youngsters were recently sent home for engaging in oral sex in front of, and with encouragement from, other pages.

Lax oversight of the underage charges who serve as “gofers” on Capitol Hill has led to resignations by two members of the Congressional board that oversees the program and claims that pages are routinely engage in sex acts with each other and committing crimes.

So far, four pages have been sent home for “inappropriate sexual conduct” and shoplifting but sources on Capitol Hill says the system is out of control and some concerned parents have dubbed the system “kids gone wild.”

A complete Democratic failure

Nancy Pelosi is such a complete, utter, failure as Speaker of the House that even she admits it.

When a politician admits failure, you know they realize they’ve screwed up big time.

George W. Bush’s killer elite

Erik Prince looks like the all-American boy but don’t let the good looks fool you.

The trim, articulate 38-year-old served in the Navy SEALs, an elite commando unit. Ten years ago, Prince decided the particular set of skills used by himself and others could be put to more lucrative use on the private market, so he started Blackwater USA, a firm of mercenaries for hire, killers for profit who have profited extremely well in President George W. Bush’s illegal and immoral war in Iraq.

Let the right wing take a hike

The marauding pack of jackals known as the rabid right wing of the Republican Party is pissed over not getting what it wants and is threatening to leave the GOP to back a third party candidate.

Good. Let them go. It’s time the rabid right returned to the political stone age where they belong.

If Republicans want to have any shot at remaining a viable political force in this nation they need to shed themselves of these political Neanderthals and pay more attention to the realities of modern day America.

Let the hypocritical right go the way of the Druids.

They say it’s our birthday!

Thirteen years ago, I woke up early, made coffee, and wandered into the den of our Arlington, Virginia, home to check my email. I had just returned from an overseas assignment and had a few days off.

The morning email brought a notice from PSI, my Internet service provider, offering 5 megabytes of free space for a web site. I had time to kill so I used the ISP’s form-based page builder to create a one page political newsletter and wrote a 500-word piece about the upcoming elections.