Toyota’s boss gets a Congressional grilling

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda had his come-to-Jesus session with Congress Wednesday but problems for he and his embattled company are far from over. The world’s largest automaker still faces investigations by federal prosecutors in New York and the Securities and Exchange Commission plus lawsuits and backlash from angry consumers. Dealers must repair millions of cars […]

Lights! Camera! Inaction!

Thursday’s day-long, televised health care summit at Blair House in Washington may make good political theater but few expect anything substantial to emerge from the posturing by Democrats and Republicans. President Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership of Congress need progress on health care to revive a stalled legislative agenda but they face steadfast opposition […]

Obama retreats on consumer protection

President Barack Obama is backing down on his demand for creation of a stand-alone consumer protection agency. Instead, the administration is willing to consider housing a consumer regulation function inside the Treasury Department or perhaps another agency rather than create a new federal bureaucracy. The compromise comes in an effort to break some of the […]

Health summit: Much ado about nothing

Here’s a moment of rare Washington bipartisanship for you: Republicans and Democrats agree that President Barack Obama‘s much-ballyhooed publicly-televised summit on health care will be much ado about nothing because nothing will come out of it. “We’re happy to be there, but I’m not sure what the purpose is,” says Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell […]

The high cost of bi-partisanship

Memo to members of Congress: Bi-partisanship may be hazardous to your fund raising. Just ask Louisiana Republican Congressman Anh “Joseph” Cao, the sole Republican supporter of Democratic-sponsored health care reform in the House. He is running out of campaign cash after his fund raising dropped 40 percent following his decision to support the health care […]

Tea Party challenges Olbermann’s hypocrisy

Tea Party advocates have a message for liberal loudmouth Keith Olbermann: Put up or shut up. After Olbermann delivered one of his bombastic attacks on the Tea Party movement, calling it an all -white group that lacks diversity, the Dallas Tea Party posted a YouTube video that challenges the MSNBC news/entertainment host to show up […]

Brown vote helps bust GOP filibuster

Scott Brown, the new Republican Senator from Massachusetts who was supposed to bring the Democratic legislative agenda to a halt, helped end a GOP-led filibuster on the jobs bill in the Senate Monday, joining four other members of his party in casting procedural votes that helped Democrats. Brown, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine, […]

GOP donors fed up with RNC boss Steele’s high flying, expensive lifestyle

Michael Steele, the embattled chairman of the Republican National Committee, is living large at donor expense and a growing number of GOP fatcats say they are tired of contributing to his lavish lifestyle. Steele uses party donations to pay for private limos, private jets, expensive chefs and trips to exotic resorts. Donors have a message […]