Bunning fingers the press

Kentucky’s Jim Bunning, the one-man Senate roadblock, flipped the bird Tuesday to ABC’s Zach Wolf, a news producer, during a testy exchange with Jonathan Karl, a reporter for the network. Bunning, a former major league pitcher and baseball Hall of Famer, isn’t running for re-election and has a nasty temper that erupts often in front […]

GOP’s message to unemployed: ‘Get a job’

Republicans in the Senate aren’t winning any friends among the ever-increasing ranks of the unemployed. First Republican Jim Bunning of Kentucky pulls off a single-handed shutdown of federal transportation programs, idling 2,000 federal employees without pay, and — in the process — stalling extension of unemployment benefits for 400,000 Americans whose benefits are running out. […]

Obama courts uneasy Democrats on health care ‘reform’

Obama courts uneasy Democrats on health care ‘reform’

President Barack Obama hopes he can convince reluctant Democrats who voted against his health care “reform” plan on its first trip through the House of Representatives. The vote counters in the Democratic whip’s office say nine of the 39 Democrats who voted against the health care bill have softened their opposition and might be convinced […]

Nancy Pelosi: Stands by her crooked men

Nancy Pelosi: Stands by her crooked men

When Nancy Pelosi took over the Speaker’s job following the Democratic takeover of Congress in 2006 she promised to “drain the swamp,” referring to the scandal-ridden leadership of the House during Republican rule. GOP leaders Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay and Bob Livingston gave up their leadership jobs and left Congress under ethical clouds. Pelosi promised […]

Reconciliation: GOP’s new dirty word

Democrats may hold the majorities in the House and Senate but they are losing the propaganda war daily to Republicans when it comes to opinions of the hearts and minds of the American people, especially on the divisive issue of health care reform. Now, as House and Senate leaders push for passage of health care […]

Politics puts thousands out of work

Political posturing in the Senate put thousands of federal transportation employees out of work Monday, stopped an extension of unemployment benefits for 400,000 Americans and halted federal payments to states for highway programs — thanks to the stalling efforts of Kentucky Republican Senator Jim Bunning. Bunning threw a political stall into extension of federal highway […]

Pelosi: Back the health care bill even if it costs you your job

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has an incredible message for her Democratic colleagues: Support health care even if it costs them their seat in Congress. Appearing Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” news talk program, Pelosi said health care is too important to play it safe politically. “We’re not here just to self-perpetuate our service […]

Supreme Court might ignite new battle in gun control war

Lock and load…the Supreme Court will weigh in soon with a gun ruling that could open he door for more gun control by states and localities or it could slam it shut in the faces of advocates for stricter legislation. The court will soon decide whether or not the Second Amendment — used by gun […]