Apparently American voters haven’t learned much.

We’re still listening to the media hype and gossip being pushed at us.

On Senator Barack Obama:

–He is really a Muslim first, then an American; after all, his middle name is Hussein
–He is not patriotic, doesn’t stand during our anthem
–He will be pro-Black rather than work for white Americans
–He has little experience as a leader
–He can’t relate to blue-collar America
–He has no military, economic or foreign policy background
–He has done little during his term as Senator
–He is a Socialist
–He is a Communist
–He is a racist
–He is a liar
–He “flip-flops”
–He is too radical
–He is anti-business.

On Senator John McCain:

–He is too old to become president
–He has been a political fence-sitter
–He is running on his military record as a POW, not really as the best candidate
–He will manage our nation in the footsteps of the Bush administration
–He has done little in his Senatorial career for most Americans
–He wants to keep Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy
–He is senile
–He is a liar
–He “flip-flops”
–He wants to build border fences
–He comes from a long line of war heroes and is pro-war
–He will stay in Iraq “for 100 years” if he has to
–He is pro-business
–He divorced his first faithful wife and had an affair with his current wife while still married
–He is NOT conservative enough.

These are some of the “issues” Americans choose to focus on.

These are some of the “issues” pushed by the media and various Internet blogs.

Does anyone recall the REAL ISSUES?

Here are a few of them:

–U.S. economy seems to be failing most Americans
–Iraq reconstruction: when is enough enough?
–Sky-high budget and expenditures
–Excess borrowing from foreign governments
–Irrational “free” trade agreements
–Lax immigration policy and enforcement
–Huge military expenditures
–Spreading our military personnel too thinly throughout the world
–Repair of crumbling infrastructures
–Sale of our ports and infrastructures to foreign governments and companies
–Escalating and unaffordable daily living costs
–A “do nothing” Congress
–Need for campaign finance reform
–Government regulation vs. deregulation
–Need for conservative fiscal policy
–Reconsider corporate and government financial “bail-outs”
–Resolve election and voter fraud
–Review electoral college vs. popular voting process
–High costs of insurance
–Provide more relief of astronomical property taxes
–Escalating health care, prescription drug and medical costs
–Review Social Security Program
–Review Veterans Administration Program
–Revamp public education and consider new sources of financing
–Review IRS and U.S. tax system
–Hold leaders more ethically accountable.

Most of the media is NOT reviewing or discussing the REAL issues.

The presidential candidates are NOT focused on the REAL issues.

American voters and taxpayers are NOT considering the REAL issues and how the candidates plan to resolve them.

American voters are bickering among themselves re: the media propaganda and gossip provided to stain the image of each candidate.

It’s important for Americans to view the REAL issues and to demand that the 2 candidates discuss how they will resolve them.

It is long needed that the presidential candidates share with American voters who they will select as part of their cabinet and administration. The American people should be advised who will be part of their new leadership PRIOR to voting for the next president.

In conclusion, it is time for U.S. voters to get smarter, to vote for the next president based on their actual records, background and experiences.

It is time to get away from the myths, gossip and irrational fears concerning each of the presidential candidates.

More educated voters will make more intelligent selections that will prove more beneficial in voting-in the best candidate.

That is, unless the electoral college overrides the popular vote and the will of the people, and our congressional leaders continue to act in favor of special interests.