President George W. Bush tried in vain Tuesday to turn attention away from the mushrooming scandal involving the GOP’s mishandling of the Rep. Mark Foley Scandal but his escalating rhetoric on familiar campaign themes fell short.

Bush’s frantic attempts showed the level of desperation that is sweeping through Republican camps as the party tries to recover from the latest scandal.

Reports The Associated Press:

President Bush is turning up the volume on his charge that Democrats are soft on terror, but his campaign message is competing against a noisy Capitol Hill scandal tailing Republicans as the election nears.

Bush will work to keep the election framed around the economy and the war on terror on Wednesday when he continues a three-day fundraising swing through the West to help the GOP retain control of Congress on Nov. 7.

Back in Washington, the partisan sniping continues over when Republican leaders in the House first learned about the conduct of former Rep. Mark Foley (news, bio, voting record), R-Fla., who sent sexually explicit messages to teenage boys who had worked as pages at the Capitol.

Bush interrupted his fundraising swing in California on Tuesday to denounce Foley’s conduct and support House Speaker Dennis Hastert amid calls for the Illinois Republican’s resignation as speaker.

Republican strategists worry that the Foley scandal could keep conservatives away from the polls, but the White House said Bush is focused on getting his message out to voters.

"The president’s concentration has been on these fundraisers where he’s delivering a message showing philosophical choices that voters have to make this November, especially as it comes to the economy and the global war on terror," White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino told reporters on Air Force One as it flew to Los Angeles for a third fundraiser on Tuesday. "The president has his eye on the ball when it comes to campaigning, and he’s going to continue to crisscross the country."

At California fundraisers for Reps. Richard Pombo and John Doolittle, Bush criticized Democrats who voted against legislation authorizing warrantless monitoring of phone calls and e-mails to detect terror plots and a bill that would allow tough interrogation of terror suspects by CIA agents.

White House aides said Bush will impart the same message in Arizona at a breakfast fundraiser for Republican Rep. Rick Renzi, who is seeking a third term.

"Time and time again, the Democrats want to have it both ways. They talk tough on terror, but when the votes are counted, their softer side comes out," Bush said.

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada responded that Republicans have put national security at risk by their policies in Iraq.

"President Bush is no longer credible with the American people, no matter how many campaign speeches he gives in the next month," Reid said. "The president won’t listen to the 16 intelligence agencies that say that the war in Iraq has made the threat of terrorism worse."

While in Arizona, Bush also plans to sign a bill that could bring hundreds of miles of fencing to the busiest illegal entry point on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Before returning to Washington Wednesday night, Bush is stopping in Englewood, Colo., to stump for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez.


  1. Global war, building walls, subverting constitutional rule, promoting torture, lying, spying and denial and deflection of responsibility and accountability all the time desecrating the flag by wrapping themselves in it proclaiming to be patriots.

    Is this or is this not a national criminal conspiracy of epic proportion? You are the judge and the jury this coming November.

    A US citizen voting for any republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders or an alter boy voting for a pedophile priest. Be responsible for your choices while suffering the consequences you have brought upon yourself and realize the suffering you have brought on the rest of humanity and then be responsible for that too.

    It is starting to smell a lot like Impeachment in the halls of Congress. One can only hope for Indictments and Imprisonment shortly thereafter for the scoundrels. III

  2. Washington DC is completely corrupt. This does not surprise me at all.

    I suspect that the traditional republicans have already had their fill. OFC some of them still confuse their religion with their politics. But, real republicans will know they have been betrayed.

    I’m glad I quit the corrupt republican party. They screwed our Bill of Rights and Constitution and bankrupted us. I would rather be free than live in fear.

    Stay tuned there’s more to follow.

    Click on my name to see a YouTube Video about something else the republicans like to do.

  3. sad when you can’t impeach pres. because vice pres. is worse. wonder where bushes good old boy ken lay is, he only took down a company bush is trying to take down the country.
    we need someone for the non rich people

  4. Let’s quit beating around the “Bush” so to speak. The Bush admin. and the Republican Congress have ruined this country with their grab for power. Anyone with “REAL” religious convictions could not possibly support this dishonesty. Dishonesty that is killing our sons and daughters. Yet this admin. is more interested in pandering to the “GOD” wackos that promote War (which promotes Death) and call themselves “Right to Lifers”. I am holding my breath hoping this nonsense will stop come Novemeber. If not I am convinced that the Republicans are fixing elections.

  5. So will the republican base figure it out in November. I doubt it. If they do not understand now that the republicans are no good. Then they never will. For about the past 3 years all you have heard on TV, paper and on the Internet is that the republicans are dishonest.

  6. Maybe it’s time for Bush to declare Catholic priests enemy combatants and ship them off to Gitmo. Their Fifth Column infiltration into the ranks of Congressmen has to be the last straw.

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