The bulk of the monies did not go to either the contractors or down the proverbial drain. It went to the deep pockets of Cheney & Bush, who are now the two richest men in the world.

Their schemes to loot the US Treasury under the guise of first a ‘War’ and then "Rebuilding Projects" must be obvious to most clear-thinking people, especially if you come from Chicago where the first Mayor Daley became unbelievably wealthy from kickbacks that passed through many layers of underlings in order to clean and hide the money.

The big difference between Cheney/Bush and Daley is that Mayor Daley always left enough money to improve Chicago, and under his administration the city grew clean and beautiful. When he died Chicago was so much better a city than when he first was elected Mayor that it was almost unrecognizable. His city was one of the cleanest and most beautiful in America, and it was so because he cared for Chicago and it’s people.

Conversely, Bush/Cheney left nothing behind but destruction and debt, and over 4,000 dead Americans and who knows how many dead Iraquis. These two are thieves, murders, and traitors and should be tried for treason and murder. Impeachment is too good for them, and Paid-for-Peloze would only pardon them anyway.

We can’t impeach, but we should not allow any of them to escape without an indictment and a trial.

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