West Virginia Democrat caught with his pants down

While most of the attention this week has focused on the questionable sexual activities of former Republican Congressman Mark Foley, a Democratic state senator in West Virginia finds himself painted, so to speak, in less than flattering ways.

Photos showing State Sen. Randy White of West Virginia wearing only body paint and cavorting with two other men have placed his political future in doubt.

The Associated Presss reports:

A state senator said he is evaluating whether to continue his bid for a second term after a Charleston television station aired revealing pictures of him last week.

"My family has urged me not to withdraw from the election and I will work with them to make a decision in the immediate future," State Sen. Randy White, a Webster County Democrat, said in a letter to newspapers in his district.

An apologetic White also wrote that he was "shocked" and "horribly embarrassed" after WCHS-TV aired photos depicting him and at least two other men wearing only body paint.

"The pictures were taken approximately two years ago in private and were stolen from my personal computer," said White, 51, a married father of three. "I am not sure why they were given to the media, but I must assume for obvious political reasons."

WCHS said it received the photos anonymously on a compact disc. The various photos, censored by the station, were shown for about 80 seconds during a 5-minute news segment alleging White was the apparent victim of a blackmail plot. The station aired the segment during several newscasts last week.

White did not mention extortion during a brief Monday interview with The Associated Press or in Tuesday’s letter. White wrote that he had been working with his family to overcome a "personal identification situation" and to overcome depression for which he has been treated through medication for over a year.

"I am a religious person and have been for some months praying to God to help my family and me through this tragic and troubling episode in my life," the letter said.

In its news segment, WCHS said it had reported the disc and its contents to the FBI.

White served three terms in the House of Delegates before winning his seat in the 11th Senate District in 2002.

Republican Harold "Pete" Sigler is challenging White in the November election. Sigler did not immediately respond to messages requesting comment Tuesday.


  1. Lexie Homewood

    Will this country ever get over its homophobia? This Foley thing has already opened up a can of gay bashing worms.

    Foley is gone. The Republicans (some of them) had a pretty good idea that he was involved in sleazy bahavior, and they chose to sit on it to protect their grip on the House. The chickens are coming home to roost, and the sin here is not Mr. Foley’s libinous behavior, but the raw greed and lust for power involved in the coverup.

  2. Charlie

    Ah Shucks! No pictures to go with this “story”? When it suits the cause [Re]pub-lish a sugestive photo but let’s not add 1000 words when it’s one of Dem folks. Dat not so photo-funny, am it? Body paint, big deal. I streaked, when younger and buff, so I have no chance at the seat in any house of politics and have not the war chest required to be a part of the process beyond going to the poles and getting my little “I Voted” sticker. Maybe I’ll do the paint, head in to the school, devoid of party pins or stickers placed “just so” and pull my own lever-just for the fun of it. NOD-NOD-WINK-WINK. But again, NO PICTURE for THIS
    political episode. Darn.

  3. Kerry

    Hey Charlie,

    That’s OK I can’t get elected either, I’m a lesbian who many years ago had an abortion. I don’t believe in marriage for anyone-civil unions all around…I’m an artist, and a vegan/raw foodist. But maybe more 40 & 50 something year olds should go on their own journey of Self discovery. I’m 46 and have been doing just that this year. This guy was just a few olders and doing so with apparently OTHER ADULTS- not children!
    So are we going to see childlike behavior in this tit-for-tat news bullshit. And we’re supposed to elect our “leaders” from this pool?!
    When are WE the employers going to stand up and tell the employees enough…

  4. David Rosenberg

    State Senator Randy White should come clean and tell all, what the pictures are from. Not being totally honest casts more doubts, make people decide on their own and lose all credibility.
    Only thing I hope he doesn’t do, is blame it all on alcohol.

  5. Jörg Faßbender

    Oh my God! Maybe Senator White really did something in private that nobody should have seen but the people he did it with and the camera they did it for. So what is he to blame for? Only for letting someone steal this pictures from his computer. Kerry, You hit the nail on the head: He did it with other adults!! What’s there to come clean about? Maybe I just don’t get it but from afar – I’m sitting in front of my PC here in Germany – it doesn’t look like he did anything wrong.