Obama can win with a stronger political tactic:

I am writing this as a campaign objective and tactical maneuver for Obama in order to beat McCain.

I believe the Obama campaign aggressively needs to highlight and publicize John McCain’s personal and political weaknesses and his questionable physical and mental health.

In my opinion, starting immediately through the election, in order to win, the Obama campaign needs to turn-up the heat on McCain and make him the primary focus of this election, otherwise, if the Democrats permit the McCain organization carte blanche to continue its highlighting publicly Obama’s “shortcomings and inexperience” Obama will lose this election.

So, in my opinion:

If the election remains focused on Obama, the Democrats will lose. If the election focuses on McCain, they will win.

In closing, the Democrats, a.k.a., Obama’s campaign HQ must consider a more disciplined and aggressive public campaign and focus on McCain and his shortcomings to present to the American voters. Doing so will strengthen Obama’s credibility and place in becoming our President.

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