After almost 8 years of the Bush administration, do Americans feel safer now from Al Qaeda and terrorism? If so, is it reality-based?

Has the Bush administration really done that much to quell global terrorism?

These are good questions to ask because most Americans don’t really know the answers.

The truth is that terrorism and Al Qaeda are alive and flourishing in Pakistan and remains beyond the reach of the U.S.,0,7917426.story

The very foundation of the Bush administration’s actions and policies — that to fight against and eliminate world terrorism / Al Qaeda — may have failed.

“CIA officers pursuing Al Qaeda fighters are confined largely to a collection of crumbling bases in northwestern Pakistan. Most are on remote Pakistani military outposts, where they are kept on a short leash under an awkward arrangement with their hosts — rarely allowed to leave and often left with little to do but plead with their Pakistani counterparts to act.

‘Everyone who serves in Pakistan comes back frustrated,’ a former CIA case officer said. The case officer, like many other officials, spoke on condition of anonymity when describing U.S. counter-terrorism activity in Pakistan because the efforts are highly sensitive and the officials in many cases are not authorized to speak publicly.”

While the U.S. has positioned itself in Iraq and Afghanistan, Al Qaeda has found a new home and stronghold in Pakistan, where it is recruiting and schooling a new population of would-be terrorists.

When George Walker Bush & company leave the White House in January, it may well be that the U.S. virtually will be in the same position regarding terrorism and Al Qaeda as it was 8 years ago, in which case it will be up to the new administration to pursue a more vigorous and more sophisticated plan to resolve the global issue.

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