Lately the Sunday Morning Talking heads just upset my stomach so I try to avoid them. But todays Face the Nation was exceptional, I have to admit.

Bill Schneider interviewed Senators Chuck Hagel and Jack Reed about their conclusions about their trip to Iraq with Senator Obama.

And for the first time in a very long time, I heard two men from both parties talk about what’s good for the country instead of what is good for their party. In fact, Senator Hagel made a point of looking into the camera and saying that he was an American first….that it was time to put what is good for America ahead of what is good for political parties.

OK, I’m a sucker for pretty rhetoric I admit but it has been a very long time since two Senators from opposite parties agreed on something. It was the first time that I can remember in a very long time when two Senators from the opposite parties WERE NOT arguing, yelling, slinging mud, misquoting, playing politics.

And oh, it was like a breath of fresh air. It was actually very pleasant to watch the voices of reason talk about solutions for America and it may be the first sign of hope that the divisions that have plagued us can eventually be reconciled.

They were both asked about the vice-presidency. Hagel said he thought it would be a Democrat, Reed said he would best serve the country in the congress.

But I must say this…..Chuck Hagel sounded very much like a Secretary of State when he talked about a successful strategy in Afghanistan.

If you get a chance to read this bipartisan interview, I’m sure it will be posted later here:

Face the Nation

OK I know the naysayers will say the same old, same old rhetoric. But it still is refreshing to hear the voices of reason and hope instead of lies and propaganda.

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