‘Honorable’ McCain NOT so “honorable”?

Apparently, there is a public finance loophole that candidate McCain created to allow him to raise a substantial $62.5 MILLION in private funds.

According to FEC reports that were analyzed by a blogger JedReports, [ http://jedreport.dailykos.com/ ] McCain can use the funds for his general election campaign at the same time he uses public financing.

“So not only is John McCain blatantly violating his public financing pledge, but he’s doing it in grand style, raising money in increments of up to $70,000 per donor — more than 30 times the amount a donor can give to [Senator] Barack Obama’s general election campaign.”

Americans just can’t seem to find an abundance of ethical officials at national or state / local levels.

Another case in point of the American 2-party political system failing the voters and taxpayers in favor of their special interests.

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