My fellow Americans the time for hoping that the corporate politicians of our time will listen to us is over. They care less for our words than we care for our outrageous taxes which do not go to fund education, healthcare, veterans funds or anything except the war. A war which was entered upon compulsion and anger at the tragedy of 9/11. The consequences and long term affects of this war were not clearly thought out at the time it was decided to enter. The war mongrel George W. Bush, of whom is leaving our country in ruins from the high chair at the top of the world it used to be, decided to enter into this war despite the large majority of people who were against it. No instead of listening to the logical people of our country he choose to listen to the rants of giant oil tycoons and angry patriots who gave no second thought to the consequences of entering into another guerilla war as we did in Vietnam. And so he threw our soldiers no our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends ect. into a war that could not and still can not be won. And now our republican candidate John Mccain is saying he will not end this war but stay there till the job is finished. He fails to even realize the people we went to fight aren’t even in Iraq or Afghanistan any more they have moved to the surrounding countries. And i do feel sorrow for the rest of the world but it is time that we stop trying to fix the rest of the world and take sometime to fix this country. Our education is a joke and well leave future generations in the dark. College is becoming something only the wealthy can afford and the government nor the rich of this country pay no attention to the middle class citizens of whom are they main force of this country. No they pay no attention to the slowly shrinking amount of middle class and to the ever-growing amount of poverty stricken families in this country. My friends the time to protest by not paying bills and marching has ended. what we must do is far more drastic than just saying no to the government it is time that we begin making plans to storm Washington D.C and tear down the gates to Capital Hill march in there and take over. Now is the time to march into the White House of which has been afflicted with Incompetent residence for too long. Our military is over seas our governments defense is weak. I am not saying this well be easy. No my friends there well be blood shed. However how much longer until another country seizes the opportunity i am pointing out to you now. how much longer until our population is completely controlled by the media big cats and no longer have the will to stand up and fight for what is right! i would prefer to not see that happen to a country that was founded on revolutionary thoughts and by some of the greatest minds of there time. Perhaps we are the new founding fathers. Now we are looked upon as nothing but insane people who dislike the government which has gone so astray from the ounce incredible ideas and principles this country stood on. But so were Benjamin Franklin or George Washington who are now regarded has our national heros. America it is time to end the rule of corruption in Washington not by protest but be act. We must tear down the gates of oppression throw the corruption out of the seats of power and reclaim Americas spot in the respected house of nations of which George W Bush and his associates have removed us from in there eight horrible years. Americans will you fight? Will you refuse to let this country fall into darkness? It’s your choice.

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