What if McCain’s recent gains in the polls continue over the next few weeks and analysts consider this a trend? What if it looks like Hillary Clinton, despite the obvious reasons for not choosing her, would make the Democratic ticket unbeatable?

When Hillary’s campaign went negative against Obama, I went negative against her. I think the final straw was her suggesting that only she and McCain had the right stuff to be commander in chief.

Even before Obama won the nomination she was so far down on my list of potential vice president choices she was looking up at Ralph Nader.

Maybe it’s queasy feeling I have in the pit of my stomach whenever I watch McCain laugh at his own jokes, like shown on television today, about expected crowds at Obama’s visit to Paris, “and that’s just the media”.

In my head I know that paying too much attention to fluctuations in the polls makes no sense. Here I go, putting emotion above intellect. So Colorado shows McCain up 2 points, but who knows, Colorado could be the next Florida.

When I ponder how each of all those mentioned as V.P. choices would effect the outcome of the election in light of the close polls I find I am reconsidering whether or not Hillary would be the best choice.

Would she be the only V.P. choice to make the difference in more than one or two swing states?

Would she be the most likely to convince enough independent women who are leaning Republican to vote Democratic?

Would she actually overcome the Obamaphobia among so many white blue collar Americans to make a difference?

Perhaps Hillary is the best choice.

That is, unless Barack can recruit the other half of a true Democratic dream ticket I don’t think anyone has mentioned except as a possible Republican choice, General David Petraeus.

See image.

Is Petraeus a secret Democrat? This question has been all over the blogshere (Google link) since since Maureen Dowd wrote:

The image of John McCain in a golf cart with Bush 41 in Kennebunkport — with Poppy charmingly admitting that they were “a little jealous” of all the Obama odyssey coverage — was not a good advertisement for the future, especially contrasted with the shots of Gen. David Petraeus and Obama smiling at each other companionably in a helicopter surveying Iraq. (Asked by a Democratic lawmaker a while back why there weren’t more Democrats in the military, General Petraeus smiled slyly and said “there are more than you think.” Link

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