Hillary Clinton as Obama V.P. choice?

What if McCain’s recent gains in the polls continue over the next few weeks and analysts consider this a trend? What if it looks like Hillary Clinton, despite the obvious reasons for not choosing her, would make the Democratic ticket unbeatable?

When Hillary’s campaign went negative against Obama, I went negative against her. I think the final straw was her suggesting that only she and McCain had the right stuff to be commander in chief.

Even before Obama won the nomination she was so far down on my list of potential vice president choices she was looking up at Ralph Nader.

Maybe it’s queasy feeling I have in the pit of my stomach whenever I watch McCain laugh at his own jokes, like shown on television today, about expected crowds at Obama’s visit to Paris, “and that’s just the media”.

In my head I know that paying too much attention to fluctuations in the polls makes no sense. Here I go, putting emotion above intellect. So Colorado shows McCain up 2 points, but who knows, Colorado could be the next Florida.

When I ponder how each of all those mentioned as V.P. choices would effect the outcome of the election in light of the close polls I find I am reconsidering whether or not Hillary would be the best choice.

Would she be the only V.P. choice to make the difference in more than one or two swing states?

Would she be the most likely to convince enough independent women who are leaning Republican to vote Democratic?

Would she actually overcome the Obamaphobia among so many white blue collar Americans to make a difference?

Perhaps Hillary is the best choice.

That is, unless Barack can recruit the other half of a true Democratic dream ticket I don’t think anyone has mentioned except as a possible Republican choice, General David Petraeus.

See image.

Is Petraeus a secret Democrat? This question has been all over the blogshere (Google link) since since Maureen Dowd wrote:

The image of John McCain in a golf cart with Bush 41 in Kennebunkport — with Poppy charmingly admitting that they were “a little jealous” of all the Obama odyssey coverage — was not a good advertisement for the future, especially contrasted with the shots of Gen. David Petraeus and Obama smiling at each other companionably in a helicopter surveying Iraq. (Asked by a Democratic lawmaker a while back why there weren’t more Democrats in the military, General Petraeus smiled slyly and said “there are more than you think.” Link

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  1. Hal Brown

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  2. pollchecker

    Hal — the military has an old tradition that they don’t publicly speak out against their commander in chief while still in the Military.

    I think this needs to change!

    I don’t believe that anyone can find a current military general who was involved with the Bush administration and is now retired who will say anything good about Bush or McCain.

    Publicly, I believe, every single one of the retired generals, has spoken out against Bush’s military policies.

    However, most of those retired Generals were forced to retire because they advised against Bush’s orders …in private of course.

    Wasn’t it the first Treasury Secretary, Paul Oneill, who documented how the Bushies tried to get him to say he was leaving for personal reasons and not that he had been asked to leave because he disagreed with Bush’s policies.

    This also explains why the revolving door at the White House and their administration.

  3. Ann

    I have always thought with the votes Hillary got that it would be stupid to not have her for VP. She come with baggage but who doesn’t. I know I will state for sure I would vote for a Obama- Hillary ticket in a New York minute. Obama has to know this because of all the vote she got.
    Seeing McCain on that golf cart with the older Bush brought back so many bad memories in my life when my son was in the first Iraq war and Bush stayed on that damn golf cart. Talk about flash backs nothing could have made me remember the horrors after the stroke as much as that picture and things I hadn’t wanted to remember. So Obama get Hillary and I will vote for you.

  4. pollchecker

    Since Terry McAuliffe, Hillary’s campaign manager, has announced that the best choice is someone other than Hillary, it pretty much leaves Hillary off the VP list.

    I do not believe that Obama will need Hillary on the ticket to get elected. In fact, if he does, he will most likely loose because he will energize all those Clinton hating REpublicans who right now are the most likely to stay home and just not vote.

    The polls right now mean absolutely nothing. Besides how boring would this political race be if the polls showed Obama blowing out McCain.

    The talking heads on TV can’t have that. They need you to stay tuned to their propaganda.

  5. JudyB

    Hillary would be a good choice as vice president, Obama/Clinton make an intelligent, well read, experienced and informed team. Obama is a great orator,and has charmed this country as well as others with his talent as a speaker. However, he lacks the experience that Hillary offers him as president. There are vast numbers of racists, as well as women and Clinton haters out there to make a loud noise but, I don’t believe there is enough of them to beat an Obama/Clinton ticket. It excites me to think of the equally informed and experienced cabinet that could result from this team. Though I realize its the pres. who actually selects his cabinet, how many of you actually believe Cheney did not have a hand in Bush’ selection?

    I agree with what Pollchecker said about the military being allowed to speak out against their commander when they truely believe he is wrong or the strategy chosen is wrong.

    I hope many of you have listened to or watched the reason for impeachment hearings..they will probably go no where, but there are definitely many reasons that they should….no future president should ever think they can get away with what this administration has without fear of being impeached….and making Bush/Cheney answer for their crimes would be a step in the right direction of preventing anyone one from emulating them.

  6. RafaelApollo

    HA! NEVAH!

    I’m so amused. Don’t let the polls steer you in the wrong direction.

    Never would I vote for any ticket with Hilary Clinton.

    She has no experience, folks. The only experience she has is in her tactics for bending and twisting situations to where she wants them to go. She has no allegiance to anything or anyone.

    I’m not an Obama supporter but I am enjoying this chess game where there is a concerted effort to get the Clintons back in there.

    She is a manipulating and ego driven creature from the darkness who would resort to anything to climb back up into the spotlight and then old Billy, like the Blob would eek under the door and be right there like a big absorbatron.

    If McCain asked her tomorrow to be his running mate -she’d snap it up in a heartbeat.

    She’s a vampiress and I wouldn’t turn my back on her and old Bill for anything. You’d find at least one knife in it.

    Obama needs to dodge this like the biggest bullet ever. Because it would surely be aimed at him.

    The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be lighted.

  7. ekaton

    Submitted by RafaelApollo on July 25, 2008 – 5:58pm:
    “If McCain asked her tomorrow to be his running mate -she’d snap it up in a heartbeat.”

    Your’re damn right, she would. Hillary is for Hillary and NOTHING ELSE.

    NO MORE CLINTONS! NO MORE BUSH’S! Watch out for a John Mc
    Cain/Jeb Bush ticket. End of the republic.

    — Kent Shaw

  8. JudyB

    I disagree with the Hillary naysayers..John Edwards was my first choice but he got very little media attention and bowed out. On the other hand, Hillary got hours of media attention..95% of it negative and lost a close primary race. Regardless of what is and has been said about her, there are 17 million people who wanted to see her in the whitehouse. Let me add this..I don’t think anyone from any party can straighten out the mess this nation has been put in by Bush and his congress..it will take the dedicated hard work of more than one administration, and cooperation from both sides of the aisles to accomplish this.

  9. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    The inference that Pillary Clinton has more experience then Obama because she was the First Pants Suit in Bill Clinton’s administration and a 1-1/3 term Senator is laughable :D….Why anyone would vote for a VP Pants Suit that willfully lead this country into war despite clear evidence of Dougy Fieth cooking manufactured WMD evidence obatained from Ahmed Chalabi, a bank embezzler wanted in Jordan, is beyond me.

    The Pants suit claimed if she new then what she knows now she never would have voted to authorize Chimp’s war -The Pants Suit did know back then what she knows now! The fact of the matter J.B., is that the Pants Suit heard Senator Robert Byrd illuminate the fact that WMD evidence was cooked by the Pentagon’s Office of Special Planning the very day Pants Suit voted for giving the Chimp war authorization.


  10. Hal Brown

    McCain’s ads and comments are getting more and more obnoxiously negative. Suggesting Obama’s a traitor was bad enough, then a photo of Barack next to one of Fidel Castro (See ad and story) – puuleeese!

    I wonder if some voters would react to similar attacks against Hillary because they seem not to be chivalrous. Many think that you can take the gloves off, hell, use brass knuckles, in a fight with a man but with a woman you need to show more decorum.

    McCain is reported to use crude misogynistic language and he seems to have a tin ear when it comes to sensibilities about women’s issues.

    Consider the care McCain has to take in assuring that none of the surrogates run ads that can be construed as having even a hint of racism. Obviously he’d have to do the same regarding sexism if Hillary is on the ticket.

    However add to that the need to show a lot more class than he has recently because many in this country still think you need to show respect for women simply because of their gender. Some people still open doors for women or give up their seats on crowded subways for them.