It is certain that the remainder of the 2008 Presidential Campaign will focus on the supposed “weaknesses” of the 2 candidates.

Is McCain really “older than dirt” and is he healthy enough to be the next president?

Is Obama so “inexperienced” and “pro-Muslim / pro-Black” that it will hurt America if he is elected?

If elected at 71 years of age John McCain will become the oldest president ever voted in. In a society in which those members 65 and over are considered “old” and are supposed to retire, why would American voters be interested in such an older candidate?

Isn’t age really a significant issue? At least as much as the “inexperience” factor? Aren’t people over 70 more forgetful and less focused to do a job well? Especially re: the job of leading our nation during the next 4 years?

In addition, McCain has been diagnose previously with a malignant melanoma, which is a difficult health issue to overcome. Should he be voted in despite his questionable health?

These 2 issues will continue to haunt McCain and he will be placed under the microscope more as the November election approaches.

As for Obama, the issue of his inexperience is one of the more highlighted factors considered by American voters and will be difficult to push aside.

Is it enough for Obama to select an experienced Cabinet and advisors to overcome his own inexperience as a major leader? Are intelligence and self-assurance enough to win the American people?

In addition, so many Americans are concerned about Obama’s allegiance to the Muslim culture and also see his run for President as a conveyance to provide blacks in this nation with a stronger voice to achieve greater objectives. Is the Presidential campaign one that has racist overtones?

The issue of whether Obama is a radical Muslim who is an unpatriotic American is an issue that continues to haunt him in his quest for the presidency.

According to Snopes, there is no data that proves the myth.

Regarding his ties to the black community, obviously he is concerned how blacks in this nation are being treated and is sensitive to this issue.

However, Obama has tried to push himself away from this perspective and has refrained from highlighted his ties to the black community.

Will Obama be able to overcome the 2 issues of inexperience and ties to the Muslim / Black communities? Certainly, how he handles these issues for the next several months is paramount towards his success in winning the election.

The facts show us that neither candidate [McCain or Obama] is immune from weaknesses, which will have a great affect on American voters and on each one’s chances in becoming the next President.

It will be interesting to see how each candidate will attempt to erase his weaknesses and buffer the concerns of American voters.

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