While the West claim that extremist from developing countries are terrorising them because they are jealous of their advancements, the developing countries claim that developed nations are terrorising them to keep them subservient.Muslims and Christians point fingers at each other. Ruling and opposition parties across the globe shout terror at each others faces. Communist China and Buddhist Tibet, Russia and Chechnya, Sudan and Darfur, Ethiopia and Somalia. The list is endless. So who is a terrorist?

Is a terrorist someone you trap in to help you solve the mystery of Iraq quagmire, provide the formular to exit your economic woes, sample political tight corner wriggling out for you? or is a terrorist a real threat, an enemy, a danger to be avoided?

If the former is a terrorist, the noise blinded people eyes for sometime but now they know better. If the later is a terrorist, then those combating him ought to listen to the voice of Augustine of Hippo saying ”Do not go outside, return to yourself for in the human interior lives the truth”.

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