During the darkest days of the Cold War we dreaded that the end was near but we still almost all hoped for a bright future ahead. Nuclear energy was to be so cheap in our, or our children’s lifetime, that the roads would be heated to prevent snow and ice, food would be bountiful due to miracle grow. And soon we’d all be satisfied with a small nutrition pill. We would live beautiful new experiences with 3D glasses, then later in a beautiful world sprinkled with LSD. But we are now arguing who will bring on the fall of the US the fastest.

Ron Paul has a vision of a Republic not an Empire and his vision of the US returning to its childhood and facing the world in the spirit Washington and Jefferson did, is quite attractive to some. But to many that is too far-fetched and presents, in most people’s minds, impossible problems.

Some are saying that the US Empire is about to fall, and cheer this possibility, but I and I’m sure many more who don’t articulate it much fear living during the kind of chaos and confusion that met the end of Ancient Rome.

The British Empire has been declining for generations, yet none of the desperation and starvation that besieged those in Ancient Rome seems likely in England any time soon. After the US revolution, England lightened up on its empire and has been slowly retreating ever since then.

Old age doesn’t have to mean a collapsed worthless dollar or where the young punks get to beat you up with a John McCain holding on to the tough guy image to the very last second.

Let’s try to envision the US, the US empire, in the state of happy retirement similar to England, realizing that the end will slowly come but enjoying ever minute of our ever increasing retirement. Let’s spread this vision around. I hope to see new visions of being involved in a happy future, whether in retirement or not in response to this posting.


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