An apology (sort of)

    The blog format encourages unreasonable comment. Once is a while someone will respond “good comment” or “good job”, but by irritating people one is sure to get a lot of response, which seems to be how most bloggers including Capitol Hill Blue bloggers know they did a good job.

    According to format, my posting suggesting that McCain might pick Hillary for Vice President was my best entry.

    However I had total disrespect by making that suggestion that Hillary in no way believes what she claims she does. To me it is obvious that she doesn’t like guns, and her claiming otherwise was campaign hype. But she spent her life doing different things, and to imply by my postings that her entire life was hype was totally unfair. But blog procedure made me temporarily proud of this posting that in no way added to human understanding.

    Another problem it seemed to me as I’m sure to most older Capitol Hill Bloggers that the Reagan years were particularly dangerous times, and that he seemed to hurt people with a warm friendly smile. Reagan’s legacy as a nice man makes me, and some other order bloggers, want to tear anyone down who sounds nice while they hurt people. The latest info is that Reagan read script without a clue to what was going on. His world was acting and reading script, with no emotional implications of what he is reading, plus he already was beginning to have dementia. The Dalai Lama says Bush is a nice sincere man without a clue to what is really going on,
    I want to comment myself but was kicked off the blog.

    Let’s scratch our heads and try to figure out how people who have no clue what is going on, nominally become in charge. Bill Clinton had an act that he was an ignorant horn playing ignoramus. Why do we have a world where Bill Clinton had to hide how smart he is?

    Maybe off the subject, when the Pentagon Papers came out the Peace Movement cheered Daniel Ellsberg Today, when former White House officials come forward, they are condemned for not coming forward sooner.

    I personally thought the post comparing the US to ancient Rome was important so I commented twice. But others might have felt if was fine and thus had nothing to add, or else a bore, not worth finishing reading. The blog format wouldn’t let me nor perhaps the author know.

    Something is very wrong, and we are all part of it. It’s easy to think personally that we special ones are looking out from above, telling those we see below us that they are doing wrong.

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