I happen to agree that Afghanistan should be the focus of our military action, and that we should withdraw completely from Iraq in 4 months, not 18. I don’t think Afghanistan can be compared to Vietnam because I think we can, if we kill the leaderS of the Taliban, specifically Osama bin Laden and the next 5 men under him, end the Taliban’s activity for all intents and purposes. If we need to pursue into Pakistan, so be it. Bin Laden should not feel secure regardless of where he is holed up, and I believe that with a concentrated effort and all the sophisticated resources at our command, we can prevail.

I think that Bush/Cheney diverted the Afghan effort and hunt for bin Laden in order to put big bucks into their own pockets and the deep pockets of their Oil buddies. NOTHING in the news before or since seems to contradict this view. I believe that George W Bush will emerge as the richest man in the world, even though much of his wealth will be hidden from prying public scrutiny. He has made enough people rich beyond their most optimistic dreams, and I am sure that none of them would be adverse to hiding a few hundred million for this dumb ‘Decider.’

My greatest wish is that Bush and Cheney not be allowed to escape with the billions of dollars they are stealing from the taxpayers, and that they be made to pay for the lives lost in Iraq due to their fake ‘war’ against WMDs. I want them to be tried, for surely they will be convicted if there are 12 good men or women who cannot be bribed–IF. What a large word that is for only two letters–IF.

It seems to me that IF we can bring them to trial, and if we can find an honest jury and judge, there will be no “IF” when it comes time for a verdict. If I am correct, then these two traitors will find justice at the end of a rope, just as they administered this same type of justice to their pawn, Sadam Hussein.

I doubt that either Bush or Cheney will show the courage that Hussein showed at his execution, but most of all I would really like to see just what does happen.

What’s that saying–you can fool some of the people some of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

Try em fair and hang em high…


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