GITMO and Habeas Corpus

Last Saturday, in the quaint village of AustinShire, Texas, a number of panels discussed some pretty heady and nasty topics. Among the worst was a panel made up of Vince Warren, Jameel Jaffer, Dahlia Lithwick, and Jeremy Scahill. They discussed Gitmo, the attack on Habeas Corpus, the eradication of the US Constitution, and together, they painted a dreary picture about what America has done to innocents, citizens of other countries, and more.

I’d rather not go through each and every detail they raised, but suffice it to say that each speaker had amassed a great deal of data and experience. Sharing that collective wisdom, knowledge and experience with the audience caused a whole range of emotions. Concern, anger, determination, and to a some degree, fear.

I suspect that even today, most people don’t give much thought to the constitution. About 4 years ago, after the first rumors of torture by US soldiers, CIA interrogators and mercenaries, I began carrying one around. Not only had we taken that lovely document for granted, a combination of a couple of things interfered with clear-headed analysis of our nation’s status and future, as well as hiding just how damaged our constitution has become.

First of all, deliberately inflicting America with fear and foreboding. This administration worked hard to instill a a feeling of unease, even fear, with a remarkable display of PR, spin, and judicious leaks. Security alerts, Code Orange, duct tape, plastic sheeting, announcements of arrests of terrorists, and the use of paid stenographers (Judy Miller) and bribed journalists were spiced up with our military to convince us that our fears were grounded in fact. The military deliberately broke US law by conducting propaganda against the US itself, to create a pliable, obedient, and compliant society. Sheeple, in other words.

On top of that, we were told repeatedly that we were currently at risk and under attack, and always that we were at war. Worse yet, the enemy had strange customs, spoke different languages, and did strange things like pray many times during the day. They had nukes, they had biological weapons, they had strange accents, and they hated us for our freedoms.

Obviously, one solution imposed by Bush/Cheney, with the help of a politicized Department of Justice, was to remove our pesky freedoms and constitutional protections. If enough of our freedoms were taken away, it seemed, those rag-headed terra-ists wouldn’t bother with us anymore.

The Government did not stop with the attack on our rights and constitutional guarantees, but instead, they expanded it those of other people. Illegal renditions, secret prisons, kidnappings, and worse. Now we know that more than 55% of the Gitmo detainees were innocent of terrorism, war crimes, or even pissing downwind in our general direction, ACCORDING TO THE BASE COMMANDER OF GITMO!

The violations of the Geneva Conventions were not mere mistakes by a few lowly, out of control, misguided soldiers. No, this was official, although secret, US Policy, coming directly from the White House, Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Addington, Yoo, Gonzales, George W. Bush, and other miscreants and war criminals.

At some point in time, Crooks and Liars, C-SPAN, or other outlets will have the video of this conference. When it pops up, I will edit this and add that information.

Watch the conference. Get as angry and worried and uncomfortable, even mad as hell as the rest of the audience did last week. The idea that America has sunk to such depths is still jaw-dropping.

The point every speaker made was this: We should not seek the impeachment or trial of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld or others as a form of retribution, as a political weapon, or just because we feel like it. Not only would it be counter-productive, it might even create sympathy for those criminals.

To the contrary, we MUST seek impeachment and war crimes trials for an entirely different reason. They broke the law, US law, international, and many treaties, conventions and statutes. If I murder someone, the chances of my going to trial are pretty good, even if we elect a new State’s attorney, governor, or even president. Why? Because I broke the law, and I am responsible for my crimes, regardless of who wins those offices. That same standard applies to the president and his top aides. They broke the law, and they must suffer the consequences. If we fail to uphold the law and prosecute now, then 200+ years of American jurisprudence, of the rule of law, and of what makes America so special will be tossed out as being inconvenient or hard.

America is better than that.

I hope.


  1. ekaton

    ” … it makes it so easy to denigrate the “believers” and whatever value they may represent.”

    I do not believe it is Sandra’s intent to denigrate believers of ANY religion. I believe that she, as I, just wants RELIGION out of GOVERNMENT. She feels strongly about this, obviously. And it creeps into many of her postings, yes. But I do not believe she intends to denigrate ANYONE’s beliefs about ANYTHING. Just my humble opinion, and of course she is more than capable of defending herself. KEEP RELIGION OUT OF GOVERNMENT. Please.

    — Kent Shaw

  2. Sandra Price

    Thank you Kent. You state it correctly. I come from an old and Christian family and I have seen them all gradually show less and less respect for the government when it tries to use God as a control over the people.

    I wish Almandine would realize that I am very pro-life which means I would never use an abortion to solve a problem. But I have also worked with at-risk teens who became pregnant due to a close relative and should not ever have to pay with 17 years of her life for a rape. For this reason, abortion should be a personal choice without the government having any authority. We have a current government who throws away lives like our soldiers lined up for the sacrifice. Our government who hires corrupt organizations like Blackwater and Halliburton to do their bidding which has brought about corruption.

    Just watching Fox News give their opinions of the conference “Netroots” is enough for me to want to attend the next one. Our purpose within those conferences and our involvement on CHB should be to open up and expose the corruption of the current Administration before we get sucked into another group based on some faith-based campaign agenda.

    I saw personally the downfall of American values all over the districts within the last two major elections. I watched every moment of the debates by the Republicans for their efforts to force a choice for the most devout Christian to lead the party. The Constitution has been traded for the bible and it would be a huge asset if we all could vote for the one candidate/party that ran on American Constitutional Law. The religious right has gotten very mixed up when it comes to Sovereignty and it should never be based on any God.

    My own family is the most diverse group of Americans found as we have Mormons, Buddhists, Catholics, Jews, Secular Humanists and even Jehovah’s witnesses. But they all respect our roots in the Constitution and the Separation of Church and State. They all know the power of the Bill of Rights over some fear of Armageddon. A truly free and intelligent human being can serve God and keep it out of the laws of the land.

    Almandine, you believe abortions are murder. It is up to you to influence your children in this belief. My kids were sent off to college long before Roe vs Wade and sat through my own lectures of the value of life. They headed off with birth control prescriptions to be filled when needed when they arrived at Berkeley. We had no unwanted births in that generation. The federal government had nothing to do with any decision made in my family. The religious decisions were made by the individuals.

    I covered all bases and had the kids for 6 years in a Christian school; then 6 years in a secular college prep.

  3. keith

    Sandra wrote:

    The Constitution has been traded for the bible and it would be a huge asset if we all could vote for the one candidate/party that ran on American Constitutional Law. The religious right has gotten very mixed up when it comes to Sovereignty and it should never be based on any God.


    And we all (including the religious fundamentalists) might begin by observing that our elected leaders put their hands on the Bible and then swear to defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

    They do NOT put their hands on the Constitution of the United States and then swear to uphold and defend the Bible.

    What’s more, five years of living and working with religious fundamentalists in Wichita Falls, Texas taught me two things:

    One is that God loves you and you’re going to burn in Hell. The other is that sex is the most awful, dirty thing on the face of the Earth and you should save it for someone you love.

  4. Rob Kezelis

    you said:
    One is that God loves you and you’re going to burn in Hell. The other is that sex is the most awful, dirty thing on the face of the Earth and you should save it for someone you love.

    – – –

    heh, heh. I think you captured it all.

  5. almandine

    Well Kent, I must be wrong about the meaning of a whole lot of words. Sorry about that, but from another of her many typical posts:

    “I am far and above the morals of any Christian or Muslim on this earth.”

    Someone once said, “Your words reveal your thoughts more than you think.”

    Those 2 statements pretty much sums her up for me.

  6. ekaton

    Its a literary device called hyperbole. Got your attention didn’t it! Keep religion out of government. Adhere to any religious belief you like, it matters little to me, just keep it out of government. What makes YOUR religion any more valid than any OTHER religion if government is to be influenced by religion. Why not elect a HINDU and have the government follow Hindu religious guide lines? Why not a Bhuddist? Why not a Jew? Why not a MUSLIM? Eh? Want a MUSLIM government? Neither do I. Want a Christian government? I DON’T any more than I would want a MUSLIM government. You are welcome to your religion. Be a true believer. It matters little to me and I will do nothing to persecute you in any way. Just keep it out of government.

    — Kent Shaw

  7. ekaton

    Let us not forget that evangelical CHRISTIAN George Bush’s administration cancelled HABEAS CORPUS (trying to veer back onto topic here … grin … ).

    Such a fine pro-life, except for brown Islamic people, Christian man. But then I guess killing Muslims in support of the Jewish war god Yahweh dovetails nicely with the agenda of CUFI (google it).

    — Kent Shaw

  8. almandine

    Hyperbole ??? Call it what you will. I find that hyperbole lends itself to a momentary utterance to help make a specific point, but becomes effectively doctrinal when used incessantly to obviate the need for empirical evidence. Such as it is with language in the service of belief systems.

    You asked above, “What makes YOUR religion any more valid than any OTHER religion if government is to be influenced by religion.” That has been my point all along. I think if you will revisit my posts you will see that I have not advocated anything but critical examination of the points being raised, especially with regard to two issues: what makes any belief system better than any other and why must anyone with a different point of view be labeled stupid, unread, ignorant, foolish, etc. I will quote your own statement above: “Up until the ad hominem attack I was with you all the way.” I find that ad hominem attacks generally come from those who can’t muster a better argument on the merits.

    As for religion in government, Keith aptly notes: “And we all (including the religious fundamentalists) might begin by observing that our elected leaders put their hands on the Bible and then swear to defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.”

    That certainly doesn’t make Christian control of our federal government necessarily more palatable than Hindu, Muslim, or otherwise, but it does provide a most meaningful context by which to evaluate the reality of government. Concerning that reality, the vast majority of Americans profess belief in a deity; those folks have just as much right to have their concerns represented as does any agnostic or atheist… and vice versa.

    Regarding ethical and moral dilemmas, those truly are individual areas of concern, except at the point that individual choices are obviated. Thus, when it comes to political ideology I am much more Libertarian than anything else, certainly Libertarian as opposed to Religious, and as such, I will stand squarely against the disenfranchisement of even those religious zealots with whom I may disagree. That goes for the religion of secular humanism, too.

  9. Sandra Price

    I have simple style of life Almandine. I do not require the government to tell me what I cannot do. The government had no part of my training of my kids or my grandchildren. I see no consistency in any morals of either Christians or Islam. They both batter and slaughter when it pleases them. We have seen Bush/Cheney lie their way in and out of several wars. There is no morals there. I see no morals in any of the Crusades or the slaughter of the American Indians. I see no morals in telling the women of America that birth control is abortion. I live by my own moral values and so far at the age of 75, I’m scoring a hell of a lot higher than any Christian I ever met. I don’t talk about Christian values I live by my own values. If you are more comfortable having your government set your morals and values, move to the Vatican. America is free from this nonsense.

  10. Sandra Price

    Rob. I think it would be a great experience of we here at CHB could attend the next Netroot conference. I would love to help organize it to expand our CHB and the Campaign for Our America. What say you?

  11. almandine

    My apologies Rob –

    For being phished into the faith debate, when your issues were the Constitution and the breaking of laws, by our elected officials, that abrogates constitutional rights. You were most succinct and correct… except for “America is better than that” – which at this point seems not to be the case. Of course, the inability of the public to get current, correct information and analysis from those elected officials accounts for a lot. Perhaps Lillibet’s post about “faith as gullibility” hits the nail most squarely. Cheers.

  12. almandine

    One might believe that with less than 30% approving of Bush and less than 10% approving of Congress, “that most Americans [DO NOT] have an unwarranted faith in American leaders.” Thus, I doubt that “Americans having a blind faith in a Christian White House is what has destroyed our current values.” Most folks know the difference… getting things changed is another matter. Even the MSM continues to claim on the Constitutional front that everything is all OK. We NEED those protections !!!

    That the current crop of pols got elected by appealing to right-to-life, man/woman-only marriage, and all other things religious-right, speaks clearly to the power of those issues to unite a large voter bloc across the political spectrum; those issues were powerful because they were – and are – perceived as antidotes to part of the moral decay of America. What kind of a fiend would kill unborn babies… you know… “humans”?

    That large voter bloc was merely exercising a unified voice that mirrors the one you recently used to proclaim: I want my country back. Their old country was just as much rooted in decency and morality as you would have yours be. Your values and theirs on these topics are basically the same… that is, ethical and moral wholesomeness… no matter the source. Their espoused source is God… yours is Secular Humanism… the outcomes of deeds consonant with faith in both sources ought to be just about the same. Perhaps any real difference is the “wearing on the sleeve” of that faith, i.e., the deeds.

    A large majority of such Christians, espcially those real right-wing rural types, acting within and through their churches, work incessantly to better their fellow humans. Missions to undeveloped countries, providing food and clothing to the poor, attending the sick, and much more. Even those TV preacher folk find ways to send money and people on humanitarian ventures. And yes, many [of those Christians]live on [what seems to be] another level of American values [where]a simple prayer fixes everything. They see life as being blessed… they have been provided for, so they pass it on. God is great… praise God. The basis of the KISS principle.

    Are UNICEF, HOPE, CARE, and other secular charities better? Do they accomplish more? Frankly, I don’t know, but I doubt it. Again… same goals – same outcomes – just a matter of focus and degree.

    So what are the differences between faith systems? Worth defining? Worth spewing about? Are their beliefs any better or worse than yours? If so, show me how and why. As you have said above, PROVE to me the superiority of your views. Know ahead of time, however, beliefs and arguments are like body parts… we all have them… they look a little diferent, but they work about the same.

    Unfortunalely, what has happened is that that big voter bloc was lied to and, as a consequence, has empowered as big a bunch of jackasses as history will ever recall. And it’s those jackasses that need to be taken to task, not the run-of-the-mill Christians who are generally as bewildered, but not as miserable about it, as are you. Come to think of it, that’s probably the real difference between your faith systems… they have a light at the end of the tunnel to comfort them.

  13. Sandra Price

    I look forward to watching the CSPAN coverage of the conference. Our American Government no longer represents the main force behind our Independence and we have become clones following the faith we have been sold in the perfection of our government. I am delighted that the truth of our government that has fooled most of the people for so many years, will be exposed fully and completely and thrown up against our Constitution to prove that our leaders have thrown us over for monetary profits.

    The word “faith” has destroyed many nations for the last 2000 years and it was just a matter of time before America would also change the Constitution for a faith based Amendment of all the Bill of Rights. It is time we recognize how America operates. Anything is justified if done in the name of Jesus Christ. Not even our founders could have recognized the evil that came with the religious right when it took over the Republican Party.

    There is nothing wrong with the Constitution if it is followed to the letter by our elected officials. They swear to do this and then it is forgotten when an Evangelical Minister claims they know better. I knew this would happen in the Bush Administration but not even I could predict this reaction to 9/11 that would destroy our nation’s security and the freedoms of our own citizens.

    Bring on the truth and if Americans cannot handle the truth, tell them to move somewhere else. We will never again know individual freedoms until this Administration is opened up to expose the filth of their agenda. Why are so many Americans afraid of the investigations of 9/11?

  14. almandine

    You know… I didn’t see the word “faith” anywhere above until this comment. In fact, the article was about the demise of jurisprudence based on the trashing of our Constitution. It was about fearmongering and violence. It was about an America gone wrong for lack of focus by the citizenry. Certainly, nothing was said about Jesus Christ. Oh well. I gues if you’ve only got an atheistic hammer, every problem becomes a Christian nail.

    As an afterthought… what is the “faith based Amendment of all the Bill of Rights” you seem so hot about? Which Evangelical Minister gets our politicians to twist the Constitution, and how? Why don’t you ever rage against Islam? Sharia law ought to take your breath away… and can, Allah willing.

  15. Ladywolf55

    Why should there be any laws at all, if the people at the top are not just as obliged to obey them as those at the bottom of the ladder? Why do we obey the laws if they don’t have to? Why should they be allowed their cushy, comfortable lives, after they have deliberately tortured and murdered THOUSANDS of people, or given the orders to do so, in cold blood? WAKE UP AMERICA, you’ve been had!

    What are you waiting for? Stand up and be counted. Demand accountability from your lawmakers and leaders! Get them out of office and into jail where they belong before you find yourself being tortured in GITMO.

  16. DejaVuAllOver

    I would recommend you both read the biography, Ben-Gurion, The Burning Ground by Shabtai Tebeth (Houghton Mifflin, 1987) which is an amazing, though thoroughly depressing account of the origin of Israel, starting in 1904. (not 1947, when Israel was formally recognized.) If there was ever any doubt about the racism, violence, murders, back-door manipulation tactics, lies, propaganda, ethnic cleansing and fundamentalism lunacy that Zionism represents, this account (by a Jew, no less) makes it crystal clear.

    Fundamentalist Christians are equally guilty, as far as I’m concerned. Seeing someone slowly being murdered and not saying anything makes one complicit in the crime.

    My point is this: until Americans understand the history of what really happened in Palestine and the Middle East in general, nothing will change. That Americans are so criminally ignorant of history and so loaded with capitalist, Christian and zionist propaganda is the real origin of our current woes.

  17. almandine

    There is no question that more people have been slaughtered in the name of religin than any other. But there is also no question that religion is NOT the culprit for every damned wrong that is committed. A little balance, please. Some of these creeps need nothing more than to wake up in the morning to beset the rest of us with their own brand of terror and larceny.

  18. Flapsaddle

    Atheists can be charged with the overwhelming majority of slaughter in the last century: Pol Pot in Cambodia, Mao Zedong in China, Hitler throughput Europe, and Lenin and Stalin in what became the Soviet Union.

    Yes, religious differences have accounted for a number of deaths; however, I do not think anyone can make the case that it is the current majority or is likely to be so in the future. Besides, non-Christian religious groups have also contributed to the slaughter.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  19. Sandra Price

    My point was that most Americans have an unwarranted faith in American leaders. It has gotten much worse in the last 8 years when many of us see our Constitution being eaten away by a group of neoconservatives. Islam has no plans for the Constitution but the neocons do. The problems that Rob wrote about are just some of the problems that are affecting every single American. In almost every level of our government we have seen losses in our freedoms and my point was that these freedoms are ignored by Americans who have little knowledge or even a care about our freedoms. Many live on another level of American values and a simple prayer fixes everything.

    A sharp mind in the White House should have picked up the warnings of 9/11. But they were concerned only with abortions and gay marriages and tossed out all the FBI reports of the Taliban. Only a faith in the White House could excuse this deliberate oversight that the attacks were coming. Bush made promises to Robertson, Falwell and other Evangelicals for their votes and prior to the 2004 election those same Evangelicals were threatening to remove their voters. This is what I was talking about that you seemed to take offense. If you are more comfortable taking orders from the Evangelicals than that is a different subject.

    No real American would ever agree to the loss of Habeus corpus and most Christians never even heard of it. If you don’t mind the breakdown of the Constitution by the Administration than you have no complaints.

    Those names that Rob mentioned are not strangers to many of us and the most read commentary was on the subject of Black Water when many of us here read Scahill’s brilliant book. The weakness in the White House has been discussed here and all over the internet. My point is that little can be repaired if the American people have a full force of faith in the Administration. If I am wrong, prove it.

  20. Sandra Price

    You list only Dictators in your tirade above. Hitler was raised a catholic but that is not important. I get that same list from your forum at least twice year and it makes no difference to what we are facing in America at this time.

    My opinion is that Americans having a blind faith in a Christian White House is what has destroyed our current values. When a billion people believe that God wrote our Constitution that is the end of their involvement. When a billion people claim to be pro-life and can sit back and learn of the numbers of deaths brought on to innocent people by our own CIA and then the Robertson trained killers from Blackwater and shrug it off, I tend to believe they are the trouble. When anyone is faced with taking on leadership from a position in Congress or even a place in the White House, and if that person has the faith in America he will turn into a dictator. Even if he claims to be a Christian he is released from any commitment to any church to screw every American he can.

    You have no idea how many wonderful Americans do not believe in this monster God and are showing compassion and charity to all who need it. You will always need a cross or some icon worn on the sleeve and that will be your next faith based dictator.

    So come on flapsaddle show me your God and show me your goodness because you have shown only insults to others on several forums. Too bad you can’t do it here. They would be shocked.

  21. ekaton

    ” You will always need a cross or some icon worn on the sleeve and that will be your next faith based dictator.

    So come on flapsaddle show me your God and show me your goodness because you have shown only insults to others on several forums. Too bad you can’t do it here. They would be shocked.”

    Up until the ad hominem attack I was with you all the way. Religion IS and HAS BEEN the cause of much suffering in the world. Organized religion is NOTHING more than a meand of CONTROL.

    — Kent Shaw, card carrying agnostic

  22. Sandra Price

    I want the Separation of Church and State set in cement. Read the first Amendment and see that anything else is illegal. No one wants to close a single church and if you believe in your God, I know of no one who wants you to stop. But if you don’t know right from wrong and you believe abortion is murder then you have to show me where in the Consitution the government has the authority to prohibit anything. If comfort is what they need, then let them find it in church. I see I am facing another battle on this forum and in 1999 I was banned for warning of the Religious right taking over the government.

    I cannot argue with you as I have been doing the research on this matter for 50 years. If you need the government to set your values to comfort you, you are too stupid to vote.

    With that I will bow out again and let the government including the Bush Administration comfort you. I have always believed that to receive comfort, one only has to give it. But that may be over your pay scale.

    Join up with Flapsaddle and you two can join hands and solve the problems in America.

  23. Rob Kezelis

    I deliberately did not include religion in this topic (surprising for me) because the idea of morality, punishment of criminal behavior, and the whole idea of constitutional rights can and should be considered on their own merits.

    Religion, depending on your choice, can cut both ways.
    Islam demands that you treat all guests, even non-believes as honored guests. It also requires you (as do all others) to push your beliefs upon others.
    The difference between Christianity’s olde and new testaments are huge. One has an evil, autocratic, punishing god; the other seems to offer love and forgiveness.

    Yet, every religion both supports torture and slavery, while condemning it. I can’t wait until LetFreedomRing tries to do a video ad on that issue.

  24. almandine

    Not to worry, religion or – to Sandra, its antithesis – Secular Humanism – finds its way into every one of her posts. A hallmark is the broad brush of stereotyping… it makes it so easy to denigrate the “believers” and whatever value they may represent. Ditto for her personal fusillades against those who would seek to debate the legitimacy of secular humanism as the be-all and end-all of value systems to the exclusion of all others. I find it tiring to have to wade through it all over and over.

    The use of third person grammar and logical comparisons between belief systems – as you can see above – falls short as a teaching tool, so be it with ideologues. And, yes, most all the belief systems I have studied have their contradictions, especially with regard to how one should treat his/her fellow hu-man. With respect to that, I think most thinking Christians would say that the old testament is a hangover from the Jews and the Torah, whereas the new testament actually embodies their religious ideals. But I agree, the whole idea of constitutional rights can and should be considered on its own merits.

    As far as that goes, Sandra, there is no such requirement for “separation of church and state” in the Constitution… as Amendment One reads “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” They can’t make laws establishing religion and they can’t tell anyone what to believe or not.

    So, yes, in reality the government has very little statutory authority to prohibit almost anything vis-a-vis religion. Sovereignty is vested in the people… all the people… not just those enlightened few such as yourself.

  25. Lillibet

    Lillibet Faith Based Justice
    is what this nation has been reduced to in the past eight years. Ever since Black Tuesday, the juridisprudential edition, when the Supreme Court decided the election, we have had faith based everything.

    Following another Black Tuesday, the terrorist edition, we have lived in fear of attack by plane, boat, train, box cutter, box car, and bottles of shampoo.

    So many excused the mendacity, whereby the Evangelicals assisted the dictatorially inclined, in destroying the Bill of Rights, and without a wink or nod, broke the Ten Commandments along the yellow brick paving stones on the road to tyranny.

    Implicit in all of this has been faith.

    Faith that good, God-fearing folks, with good intentions and love of the Almighty, would have to venture a tad to the “Dark Side”, but they were doing it for our own good, and they knew so much more than us plain folk, that we had to have faith and ‘trust them’ for our own good. As a result, we scuppered our freedoms to help fight the terrorists. We did this to capture, kill and stop the black hearted folks that hated us for the freedoms we so willingly gave away in order to win liberty for all.

    We also have had a faith based economy, run by a private corporation, which has fed the monster of warmongering and dictatorial aggression pointed not just outward at others, but inward at our own body politic.

    Implied or stated, it all begins, runs on, and ends, with faith. We must act on the faith that people were duped, and when they see the truth of what has happened, they will rise up and seize the government and Constitution away from those so willing to leave freedom, the rule of law, civil, and criminal prosecutions, off the table.

    Ours is a secular government, whether the Evangelicals like it or not. It is the secular power that has allowed the Evangelicals to grow in strength, to become the force they now are. Surely any theocracy can take your breath away, particularly if it is run for human ends. Must we name names in regard to an Evangelical Movement that can see no wrong in “their” people in power? The faith that Evangelicals have in Republican inerrant rectitude is stunning. And that is the very faith that has allowed destruction of our beloved Constitution, for all the “right” reasons.

    Thus, we must have faith, implicit or explicit, that people will someday (very soon), recognize that wrongdoing, for all the “right” reasons, is still wrong.