Somebody needs to inform our POTUS, GW, and his enablers, aka John McCain, that we have WON the war in Iraq! Here is GW’s very own to do list in Iraq:

1)Eliminate Saddam Hussein from Power – done!
2)Verified there were no weapons of mass destruction – done!
3)Held elections – done!
4)Installed gov’t – done!
5)Wrote Constitution – done!
6)Public vote on constitution – done!
7)Trained Police and army – done!
8)Removed Al Qaeda in Iraq – DONE!

ALL OF THESE are the very reasons that GW’s admin has used and still uses to justify our presence in Iraq all the while they abandoned the very mission in Afghanistan that they VOWED TO NEVER ABANDON!

All of these reasons have been this same administrations very own statements all been accomplished.

So why aren’t we withdrawing from Iraq ESPECIALLY when the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan grows more dangerous and tenuous at best!

Recently, the Bushie administration has made some noises about redeploying troops from Iraq to Afghanistan. All, I can say to that is it’s about time!

This administration has lingered far longer in Iraq and lied to justify it, just to continue to pay companies like Halliburton,KBR, Blackstone, and various other private contractors that are still being paid HUNDREDS OF MILLION OF TAX DOLLARS to the tune of $4566 PER SECOND! It needs to stop immediately.

The only result of continued troop presence in Iraq is
a)more dead American soldiers
b)increasing hostility with bordering countries like Iran
c)increasing unrest within Iraq due to foreign troops
d)like flies to sugar, it breeds terrorist activity.

These are valid reasons to simply say….We have accomplished everything we set out to accomplish in Iraq and it is time for us to withdraw and allow the Iraqi’s to proudly take back their country and continue to rebuild from within.

It is time to bring home the troops that have seen multiple tours and to redeploy others, fresher newer troops, to Afghanistan immediately.

We could do this with honor and not one single person would question it!

So why doesn’t it happen? Because of the corporate fat cats that have the reigns over this administration. From the military industrial complex to the oil and gas companies, they permeate this gov’t blatantly with their money.

As we face this coming election, we have basically 2 choices….one that promises to continue our presence in Iraq thereby continuing to drain our precious resources to a few corporate patrons or another who promises to do what is right and what is just for all parties, with honor and dignity for all parties.

And while I understand that politicians use pretty words to entice voters, in the end, it makes no sense to support a candidate that can’t see the fly on the end of his nose. If John McCain can’t clearly see that our mission in Iraq is truly accomplished and that there is no more need to waste American lives playing international police man, then he should not be allowed to be our next POTUS. It’s just that simple. George even proclaimed it over 5 years ago — MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! It’s time to come home!

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