Maybe Pelosi SHOULD pack-up and go home for good!

The word is that rather than approve proposed legislation for oil drilling, Pelosi threatened to “pack-up and go home”.

It’s not the first time the House Speaker diverts the need to resolve issues only to place them on hold.

The last major issue — whether or not you agree with it — was the infamous determination to impeach Bush and other members of the administration. Just prior to assuming the position of House Speaker, Pelosi performed a 180-degree turn and took impeachment off the Democrats’ “table”.

If she does NOT want the legislation then at least provide an alternative resolution.

The last thing Americans need is another elected official who does NOT seem to do her job in the best interests of our national community.

Pelosi needs to stop doing her congressional “break-dancing” and start dealing with some of our major issues, starting with our self-induced energy crisis.

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