Birth Control is abortions.

Bush is at it again. This time he calls birth control such as pills and gizmos applied to women as abortions. Hillary has labeled this as an insult to women and for the first time in all these years, I have to agree with her.


  1. Flapsaddle

    Rx: MYOB, disp ad lib. Sig: As needed for nose problems.

    Of course, once abortion became a federal issue it was only a matter of time before any contraceptive question became a federal matter as well. Camel with its nose under the tent, and all that.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  2. sherry

    O for Pete sakes. It never ends does it? The GOP has made an absolute fortune on the “pro life” issue. The problem with the GOP is that once one leaves the birth canal all bets are off.
    Bush is pro life except when it comes to executing more people than any sitting governor in the history of this nation. Or attacking Iraq.
    There is a tombstone, somewhere in Baghdad, that describes the loss of a 7 month fetus who never saw the light of day due to a bomb. So Dubya, if a bomb falls on a pregnant woman is that a legal abortion?
    We now have pharmacists who can decide not to fill birth control prescriptions.
    The same people wringing their hands at dispensing birth control and condoms are the same people carping about “payin’ for all them illegitimate bastard babies”

    Personally, I believe this country could use a healthy dose of “mind your own business”

  3. bryan mcclellan

    The neocons need a bigger Army Sandra.

    G.w.B is talking about his version of The China Syndrome.

    Imagine this, in 18 yrs. an army of disenfranchised orphans and wards of the government trained to carry out any and all type of genocide foriegn and domestic.Good little tax payers and they can shoot too. Hee Hee.

    Big Bro has your back, now eyes front. Hee Hee.

    Your poster boy for what happens for lack of a condom has spoken. HACK!

  4. Sandra Price

    What did it take to get alcohol prohibited? That was the camel’s nose under the tent. Now our congress is spending months discussing drugs and obese children. All this points to more prohibitions. The Social conservatives are all wetting themselves with thoughts that finally sins can be legislated against. It always starts slow with one issue and then the crusade to ban other sins goes straight to the brain washed brains of the voters. The fights for when life begins is all over the internet. Now the Evangelicals are demanding that the House and Senate decide for all of us that life begins at conception.

    Women are the victims in this and we saw many prior to R v W who took a chance with a coathanger rather than 17 years of raising an unwanted child. It must be difficult for a Christian man to understand what a single mother goes through. Forcing an unwanted child is the perfect fine for 5 minutes of a sexual mistake. I won’t even call it love. There was no reason that abortions must be banned because a bunch of hypocrits says so. 17 years is a terrible price to pay for sex but many are encouraged to push it in our government. So instead we live with babies locked in hot cars, or buried in the yard, or sold to some pervert for sexual activities. We had a two year old boy buried alive by his mother’s boyfriend in Pismo Beach last week.

    Americans are not culturally prepared to make women pay for their sins when the men are part of the sin. Christians believe sex is dirty and of course it makes it more interesting even to the Priests. We had the abortion issue fixed when the hospitals were prepared to offer the morning after pill to all rape victims but the Churches forced the Senate to stop the procedure. If we allowed the morning after pill to be sold over the counter in all cities, there would be no need for abortions until some jerk like Bush says it is murder. So we have to face the fact that our babies are being beaten nearly to death just for being born. I worked for an infant Hospice and those babies died at the hands of their parents.

    Killing is so much a part of our culture that our kids think nothing of killing a baby. Babies should be born to people who love them but America wastes no time loving anything but cell phones and horror films.

    What do you love Flapsaddle outside of finding fault with other’s posts?

  5. griff

    There’s a reason they call this a wedge issue. There’s also a reason why we hear the same rhetoric every four years, and why nothing is ever done to advance the policies. So we can get all crazy about it again in another four years. It’s all for your rabid consumption.

  6. ekaton

    Yes. Wedge issues like abortion and gun control to keep the people all worked up and ignoring the trillions being stolen from us by the financial elite and the gradual implementation of a police state.

    Actually life begins before conception. Female eggs and male sperm are LIVING HUMAN CELLS. Any man who gets caught masturbating needs to be charged with felony premeditated murder. Same for any woman having a period; she should have become pregnant and not allowed that egg to be expelled by her body. We are all felons. Shoot us.

    — Kent Shaw

  7. woody188

    LOL, so a nose bleed is also abortion. Those are live cells you are spraying all over that tissue. How about a hang nail? Maybe using a luffa since you exfoliate some live cells with the dead? Great point.

  8. Sandra Price

    Hang on to your sperm Kent as I have guarded my eggs with a vengeance for many years to protect them from a meet up with those squiggly bullets. I am guilty as charged! But I reached the safety zone and can breathe again knowing my eggs are no longer available. I never once felt guilty during my period. Quite the contrary, I celebrated the fact!