Surprise guest at Netroots Convention: Al Gore

Nancy Pelosi came to AustinShire, Texas, ready for a possibly unfriendly crowd. FISA, IraqNam funding, and other issues were not only irking Netrooters, but pissing a whole mess of them off something fierce.

Still she came, she saw, and she . . . it would be a stretch to say she conquered, but she did a good job nevertheless. Her statement on FISA was complex, detailed, but many remained unconvinced. Her answer to the impeachment question was MIA. Then, she pulled out her blackberry, advised us that she wanted to read us an e-mail from someone. She pressed a button, and immediately, a booming voice came over the loudspeakers.
“Dear Nancy . . .” said Al Gore, and then he appeared coming up the stairs.

Al Gore is on a mission. Energy, global climate change, oil, and renewable energies. He spoke with passion, humor, information, and conviction. . . and in the process convinced all two thousand people in the room that each one of them have to do more.

When China is copying our industrial growth plans – FROM LAST CENTURY, when oil has reached its peak in many countries, and when carbon is becoming a serious problem, it is easy to see just how bad our immediate future can be. Given that oil is a disappearing resource, every new user, car owner, oil fired power plant makes oil that much more costly, while increasing the amount of heat-trapping carbon in our atmosphere.
Yet, with each new quarter, silica costs (the kind used in solar photovoltaic power cells) continue to fall. As demand goes up for processed sand, the price of making electricity from the sun DECREASES!

Al is a visionary. For those who are unconvinced, go and take a look at his site. For those who understand the science, go join his campaign. For those who think that global climate change is all hogwash, go to hell. Because that’s about how hot it will be if we don’t do something now.
Al Gore’s site can be found here:


  1. pollchecker

    Sherry — Once again I must take exception. You must not have read anything I have ever wrote in my blogs. So once again…for the record……Personally I like and admire Bill and Hillary Clinton. Politically, I could not support Hillary for various reasons including but not limited to her vote on Iraq, and the way she ran her campaign.

    I think Bill Clinton was one of the best POTUS in my lifetime and I admired the way he stood up to the Neo-cons who were after him from before he took the oath of office in 1993. However, Bill Clinton a)has a proven tendency to open mouth and insert foot and b)polarize the true Clinton haters.

    On the other hand, Al Gore has been nothing but a shining example of reality for the past 8 years. He could have become a bitter politician after the Supreme Court installed GW as POTUS…but he didn’t. He took the high road and is highly respected among all leaders across the world.

    So my point is at this point in the political climate I believe that Al Gore’s words will be seen and heard much more positively than anything Bill Clinton has to say.

    And lastly, I believe that it is much more important to have people like leaders like Al Gore and Hillary Clinton front and center than past leaders like Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter especially if we are working towards energizing voters who have been hesitant to participate in past elections?

    Sherry, but it sounds like you are one of those Hillary supporters that might still harbor some ill will over her loss. However, I would like to point out that the other choice aka Bush/McCain is not going to be looking out for your best interests as a mother, a wife, an employee, etc.

    At least for now we are all free to choose, to think, and to speak out, and personally, I’d like to keep it that way.

  2. sherry

    Pollchecker. Clearly you are not familiar with the success of the Clinton administration. Please don’t let the fact that you are so in the tank for BHO blind you to the fact that some really good legislation was passed during the Clinton years.
    He is hardly a has been. He is also an award winner for his CD of “My Life”
    He gave Gore a lot of power to his credit when Gore was VP.
    The bitter Obama supporters such as yourself really don’t help the Obama cause, it just makes people like me all the more determined to see that BHO is NOT elected POTUS.

  3. pollchecker

    Al Gore needs to be front and Center at the Democratic convention….NOT BILL CLINTON!

    Al Gore is respected all across our country and all across the planet.

    He reperesents SANE discussion of important issues that the Bushie Neo-cons have distorted and lied about for the past 8 years.

    Somebody shove bill into a closet and lock the door and focus on an Academy Award winner, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, and on and on and on!

    We want winners in the spotlight. Not old has beens!

  4. sherry

    I often wonder how the world would look if Al Gore had been rightfully sworn in. Disappointed as I was, I absolutely never imagined the horror that became the last 8 years.
    Regarding energy, we need a Manhatten Progject. No, not for nukes, but for the brightest minds in the world to seek alternative means of renewable energy.
    T Boone Pickens has one solution, but many are needed and we need for people to get on board.
    There are actually neighborhoods buying their own windmills. The start up is prohibitive, around 30K, but prices are coming down and with more demand the costs will be reduced further.
    When I inherited my father’s farm, I thought of living there. There are two gas wells, plentiful water resources.
    The downside is that I need to work from home and there is no broadband. I purchased a home on the Kanawha River near Charleston. I am thinking wind power may be an option there.
    Iceland is completely energy dependent. What are we waiting for?

  5. Rob Kezelis

    Hearing him talk live was the highlight of this trip. What a convincing, erudite, expressive and intelligent man. Comparing him to that brush clearing war-mongering criminal currently infesting the White House is not even close.

    Just think how much better off our country would have been for the past 8 years had the Supreme Court not picked our president.

  6. churlpat

    I’ve been struck by how much better he is in his current role than when we saw him when he was candidate for President. Much less “wooden.” I have wondered several times if perhaps his heart was not into the campaign then as he is into his current campaign.

    Just a thought.

    Churlpat — a plutarch by any name is still a plutarch

  7. Belle

    I fail to understand why people cannot see for themselves what is happening to our world. We are seeing things here in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains that old timers cannot recall ever having seen before. The hundreds and hundreds of wild fires.. had a mud slide where it was thought impossible to happen….heat that is beyond belief every single day…and not to even mention the loss of the polar cap endangering animal species now and human life down the road.

    Recently read we are past the no return mark and things can only get worse. The floods seem never ending, our fires burn fiercly with hundreds of firefighters working day and night to extinguish them…all over the world unusual weather occurances are happening. Of course there is a problem and God Bless Al Gore for doing what he feels has to be done to help the human race just exist.

    Those who think it is a great big hoax, better take off their blindfolds and look around them. I can’t think of ANYTHING that has improved under this reign of insanity buy shrub and his ilk. Sorry… forgot all the additional zeros on the end of the corperation bank books.

  8. DejaVuAllOver

    Great piece, Rob. Now, if we can just send the neocons back to hell and avoid war with Iran, we might be able to start fixing some of this stuff. The bankers won’t be happy, but that in itself makes ME happy! Carry on, soldier……

  9. almandine

    I had always thought the American Physical Society (that group of physicists we think knows mostly everything neat about how the world works) was a pretty good group of scientists. But did you see where they just went on record as saying that global warming could not be tied CAUSALLY to greenhouse gases? That the IPCC (UN committee) report was flawed and without merit? That it’s much more likely that natural fluctuations in solar emissions, or some such thing, could actually be more responsible? What are they thinking?