Nancy Pelosi came to AustinShire, Texas, ready for a possibly unfriendly crowd. FISA, IraqNam funding, and other issues were not only irking Netrooters, but pissing a whole mess of them off something fierce.

Still she came, she saw, and she . . . it would be a stretch to say she conquered, but she did a good job nevertheless. Her statement on FISA was complex, detailed, but many remained unconvinced. Her answer to the impeachment question was MIA. Then, she pulled out her blackberry, advised us that she wanted to read us an e-mail from someone. She pressed a button, and immediately, a booming voice came over the loudspeakers.
“Dear Nancy . . .” said Al Gore, and then he appeared coming up the stairs.

Al Gore is on a mission. Energy, global climate change, oil, and renewable energies. He spoke with passion, humor, information, and conviction. . . and in the process convinced all two thousand people in the room that each one of them have to do more.

When China is copying our industrial growth plans – FROM LAST CENTURY, when oil has reached its peak in many countries, and when carbon is becoming a serious problem, it is easy to see just how bad our immediate future can be. Given that oil is a disappearing resource, every new user, car owner, oil fired power plant makes oil that much more costly, while increasing the amount of heat-trapping carbon in our atmosphere.
Yet, with each new quarter, silica costs (the kind used in solar photovoltaic power cells) continue to fall. As demand goes up for processed sand, the price of making electricity from the sun DECREASES!

Al is a visionary. For those who are unconvinced, go and take a look at his site. For those who understand the science, go join his campaign. For those who think that global climate change is all hogwash, go to hell. Because that’s about how hot it will be if we don’t do something now.
Al Gore’s site can be found here:

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