McCain: Obama ‘more left than a socialist’

Republican White House hopeful John McCain said Friday that his Democratic rival Barack Obama is further to the left than the only Socialist US senator.

Asked by a reporter for the Kansas City Star newspaper if McCain, 71, believed Obama was an "extremist," McCain replied:

"That’s his voting record. All I said was his voting record… is more to the left than the announced Socialist in the United States Senate, Bernie Sanders of Vermont," McCain said according to a video of the interview posted online.

"Do you think he’s a socialist, Barack Obama?" the interviewer asked.

"I don’t know," McCain answered.

Sanders was elected to the Senate in November 2006 after serving 16 years in the House of Representatives.

Sanders votes as an independent and calls himself a democratic socialist — a title which has made him something of a phenomenon in US politics, where the word tends to carry a negative connotation more often linked to North Korea than to Scandinavian socialism.


  1. McCain, like most Republicans these days, calls anyone a socialist who believes in the Constitution and the rule of law.

    As far as economics goes, McCain, like most Americans, including economists, doesn’t know anything about the history of the American economy and the fact it is not based on capitalism.

    No founding father ever mentioned the word “capitalism”. Read about the American System of Hamilton and Clay.

    This system neither believed in free-trade nor capitalism. Those are the facts. The U.S. became a super power by protectionism and especially the “revenue tariff” which freed workers from having to pay taxes. Yes, we Americans were geniuses in economics until in 1973 when we adopted free-trade. It has been downhill ever since then.

  2. McCain is more than an Alzheimers afflicted Bush clone loony toons Nazi and Viet Cong collaborator.

    Yes, we WILL !!



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