I’m pretty lucky. I managed to set aside a ever more complex schedule of clients and court calls and clashes and confounded constipatory complications and find my whey in AustinShire, a lovely librul outpost in the muddle of Red Texas. NETROOTS NATION – a meeting of progressives, liberals and people who have had enough of Darth Cheney, George W. and Condi Rice.

Last night we were given one hell of a surprise. Not only was Dr. Howard Dean giving the keynote talk (as always, energized, on topic, and convincing), but we had an unannounced guest speaker. General Wes Clark (ret) He spoke for not less than 30 minutes, without teleprompters, notes, or a written speech. And he spoke brilliantly. He managed to let the audience know just what sort of problems we face and how it was up to individuals to do their part in fixing them.

It is easy to see how this man inspired troops to reach higher and give more, and to do their best for their leader, their country, and along the way, for themselves.

Today starts off with several choices, including energizing folks to actually get off their fat butts, to insuring the we finally find and restore our legal system.

I’ll quote a few gems along the way.

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