A former GOP Georgia congressman is “fixing” to give McCain “a run for his money”.

Although the media is downplaying and/or diverting attention from it, former Republican congressman Bob Barr is running against John McCain for the presidency as a Libertarian.


Personally, I lean more towards voting for a governor or general for president rather than a politician, but former Congressman Barr has some interesting perspectives on how things should be managed and accomplished.

For one thing, senators and house reps aren’t in typical leadership roles. They don’t really manage anything — except themselves and they have a language and process all their own.

Another reason NOT to select a politician is that our current congress has one of the lowest popularity ratings ever in our nation’s history. In addition, congress has a poor history of resolving urgent issues. Instead, members all too often bicker and finger-point among themselves and seldom do expediently what is in the best interests of the majority voters and taxpayers.

Barr, a six-term conservative congressman, recently has split with his GOP party on civil liberties and privacy issues, and despite pleas against it from his former party, has determined to run against McCain.


Some political analysts have stated that “He has the potential to become for the presumptive GOP nominee what Green Party candidate Ralph Nader was to Democrat Al Gore in 2000.”

Will Barr win the presidency?

You probably can “bet the farm” that he won’t; however, he could take away important votes from McCain, especially in states like Nevada, Colorado and his home state of Georgia.

Still, it will be interesting to see how the maneuver will play out.

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