Recently I was accused of being a partisan. I have no idea how one could construe this from my writing. I’m way too far down the rabbit hole to be worried about petty partisanship.

I’m concerned about the global-fascist dictatorship I found myself living in on October 26, 2001. This is the signing of the PATRIOT Act. This was my rebirth into the world after taking the red pill.

I worry about my kids (2-year old and 1-month old boys) future as we spend their tax dollars that they haven’t even earned yet.

I worry about my country as I watch my neighbors disappear into the night, leaving their homes and sometimes their cars behind because they are flipped on their credit. They are walking away from the debt trap but also their dream of owning a home. Some turn up out west or down south. Some I never hear from again and we never know what happened to them.

I worry about losing our liberties. Most of these are taken courtesy of Chuck Baldwin. To date they have taken away:

1. Right to Vote
2. Freedom of Association
3. Freedom of Information
4. Freedom of Speech
5. Right to Legal Representation
6. Freedom from Unreasonable Searches
7. Right to a Speedy and Public Trial
8. Right to Liberty

Congress has become little more than a rubber stamp for the President, Republican or Democrat. More a way of making the people seem like they have some control so they keep up faith in the system. The Unitary Executive is a dictator by every definition. Just a pretty name for total control to make it seem like it isn’t what it is.

Try going out in the street to spread your message. Get told that you had to get into a cage if you wanted to be in public with a political sign. Get into the cage or go to jail. Like some kind of rabid animals. The message of freedom, liberty, and peace must be scary for those in power.

Try spreading the message on the internet and be called a partisan, fear monger, conspiracy theorist, crazy, a kook. Believing in smaller government, reduced taxes, and personal liberties now makes one a kook. Unbelievable!

Forgive me if things seem a bit more bleak in Ohio and that it might have an effect my perspective on what is occurring to our nation. Maybe waiting over 5 hours to vote would change peoples’ tune. I’m riding my Sportster to work everyday just to save a few dollars. Ohio is a preview of what the rest of the states can expect by the end of this year.

Doug Thompson once said,

George W. Bush is an American Hitler. We can no longer deny that unpleasant reality and we must face the sad fact that the President of the United States is an international war criminal, a despot who sanctions torture and a madman who is nothing less than a mass murderer.

Wouldn’t one have to be a partisan hack to work for such a man? Would any decent human work for “a despot who sanctions torture and a madman who is nothing less than a mass murderer.”

But I’m called the partisan. I guess that’s just what I am, down the rabbit hole.

UPDATE: Ohio law makers just announced that the Ohio Bureau of Labor’s unemployment fund will be broke by as soon as the end of this year. They are saying they will need to raise payroll taxes, reduce the benefit paid, or face the possibility of begging for a federal bail out. But the economy is doing just great according to our Great Decider George Jr. What will it take to stop the lies?