High Gas Prices: Political or Economic Issue?

    Just resolve the issue!

    There is a lot of blame being thrown around for the high costs and prices of gasoline.

    Apparently, nothing will stop Democrats from pointing their fingers at the GOP and vice-versa, to blame each other for all our woes regarding gasoline usage and high costs.

    Many people point their fingers at oil companies as the source of the problem, stating that these companies are pushing prices up for profiteering motives.

    Others look at OPEC for exploiting its “power & control” over the world’s oil supply and the need to increase profits.

    Certain people point to consumers as a major source of the problem since gas and oil usage continues to escalate throughout the world. Emerging power nations during the next decade, e.g., China, will increase energy usage dramatically and add to the problem of increasing gas prices.

    It is a good bet that many people also view the lack of more U.S. oil drilling and refining along with the need to provide incentives for more research & development of realistic alternative energy as 2 additional causes for our current oil and gas problems.

    In reviewing the above issues, we may draw the conclusion that each of these is an ongoing problem and together are causing high gasoline prices here at home and abroad.

    The sooner we stop trying to point the blame and start to develop resolutions for all these issues, the sooner we will become a nation more independent of its own energy usage and costs.

    High energy costs are a global issue, not just here at home.

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