Guidelines for blogs

    In an effort to improve the quality of blogging on Capitol Hill Blue and also to provide consistency, we’re asking everyone to pay attention to the following guidelines:

    • Our headline style is "sentence capitalization." That means the first word of a headline is capitalized and the rest of the words (with the exception of proper names, etc.) begin in lower case.  Do not use ALL CAPITAL letters in any words in headlines.
    • Avoid the use of ALL CAPITAL LETTER words in blog posts. It’s hard to read and considered shouting. We don’t shout at Capitol Hill Blue.
    • Use exclamation marks sparingly. Automatic spam filters consider multiple uses of exclamation points when blocking material. Avoid repeating punctuation marks.
    • Watch your spelling and grammar usage. Bloggers who repeatedly misspell words or use poor grammar or incomplete sentence structure could lose their blogging privileges.
    • Do not use this web site to advocate racism, hate, anti-Antisemitism or bigotry.
    • Cite your sources and include a link whenever possible.
    • Don’t violate copyright laws. Excerpts of copyrighted material must not exceed 100 words.
    • Avoid multiple blog posts in a short period of time. Give other bloggers a chance to have their work appear on the home page.

    Following these guidelines will help make CHB a better product.


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