We are a nation that loudly proclaims liberty and freedom yet we are among the least free people on earth when it comes to simply being a human being. You know, one of “whiney”, “illegal” and most certainly “improper” animals that are ravaging our planet. And most certainly do not make any mistakes or misstatements if you run for public office. The intolerance of America is stifling us.

Oh I know what I am saying is way out of bounds, wrong, unpopular and most certainly subversive. At least I hope so.

You know we are headed into a dark place when New Orleans bans bare breasts during Mardi Gras and weenie wagging at Southern Decadence. When you can’t take that critical whiz behind the bushes after drinking way too much and then get arrested as a sex offender life has just gotten too neat and clean for human beings. When some cry for banning nudity at Gay Pride parades and complain about breast feeding in airports we are showing that it is more important to pretend we aren’t animals anymore.

When politicians try to — heaven forbid – win elections rather than say what you want to hear; when preachers can’t make ridiculous pronouncements about life and the world here and hereafter without being excoriated by right or left pundits of purity; when we pour over every scintilla of a candidates past as though reading tea leaves – then you know we are flirting with insanity as a species.

Some cultures have built into them a certain wiggle room. The French practically expect infidelity. Muslims look the other way when men take on a boy as a “friend.” But Americans have no latitude for anything, except, of course, their own bullshit.

Well, you can try to be pure of mind and deed if you want. Just give the rest of us a little room to be real live, fallible, error prone human beings will you? We might just enjoy life if it had more room to just screw up, to make mistakes and yes, pick up the pieces afterwards, but sometimes you just have to take a piss when there isn’t any bathroom around.

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