Abramoff had run of White House

In yet another example of extensive lying by the Bush Administration, a new Congressional report shows scandal-ridden lobbyist Jack Abramoff had, literally, the run of the White House, visiting more than 450 times, openly seeking jobs for clients and contacts and at least nine meetings with Presidential guru Karl Rove.

Reports George Stephanopolis of ABC News:

A Congressional report due out tomorrow is expected to show now-convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his associates had far more extensive contacts with the White House than President Bush’s staff ever acknowledged.

The report from the Republican-led House Government Affairs Committee will state that Abramoff had as many as 450 contacts with the White House, and prime among his lobbying targets was former White House political director Ken Mehlman, and Bush’s adviser Karl Rove.

Mehlman is now the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, which issued this statement in response to the report: "In his capacity as Political Director of the White House, it is not unusual that Mr. Mehlman would be in contact with supporters who had interest in administration policy."

The investigation is based on a detailed examination of the billing records and the e-mails the committee received from Abramoff and his associates, which indicated far more extensive contacts than investigators were led to believe in the past between the lobbyist and both the White House and the Republican National Committee.

It also presents circumstantial evidence that Abramoff was able to have some action taken on behalf of his clients and details offers from Abramoff and his associates of dinners, concert tickets and other meals and drinks to White House officials.
After Abramoff pled guilty to illegal lobbying, officials at the White House said they barely new him and all they knew was what they read in the papers.
The report finds 450 contacts with White House officials, including nine with the president’s chief political adviser, Karl Rove.

It also shows that Abramoff tried to get 20 people hired in the administration, but was only successful once.

The White House says what this demonstrates is that Abramoff was singularly unsuccessful as a lobbyist, even though he was trying very hard.

But it remains to be seen if there were any instances of illegal lobbying and if the alleged offers to White House officials of concert tickets, meals violated the gift ban.

The White House also points out that this investigation is largely based on Abramoff’s billing records and e-mails and that he’s been shown to have lied in the past.

Abramoff and his business partner, Adam Kidan, both pled guilty to conspiracy and wire fraud in March, and were each sentenced to five years and 10 months in federal prison. Abramoff’s sentence is scheduled to begin Nov. 15.


  1. ebbtide

    Well let’s see now…either this story will be ignored by the media, OR we’ll get the standard rejoinder, “That’s old news…”. In any case, it will get zero airplay, and certainly NO official investigation of any kind.

  2. JimZ

    Yes, ebbtide, the story will be released at 5 PM Friday, when the least number of Americans are paying attention to the news, barely covered by the press, then gone off the headlines by Saturday afternoon. The Sunday morning talk shows might touch on it, but likely they will choose another diversion subject and by Monday, all will be gone.

    Ever notice that’s what happens when ALL embarassing political news is released, except for the occasional “leak” story which slips through?

  3. Doubtom

    What should be of more interest to the general public is not only Abramoff’s close ties to the White House but the small matter of that murder in Florida to which Abramoff was all too close to be forgotten. It was all about money and money is what connects Abramoff to IdiotBush. Where are the investigating reporters? The murder was incident to the “forced” sale of some gambling boats operating off the Florida coast, presumably with the knowledge of Idiotbush’s brother Jeb, the governor.

    An interesting corollary is the undisputed report that some of the 9/11 highjackers were seen on those boats prior to their evil deed. Where did this scruffy bunch of bastards get their money? Now why doesn’t this get more exposure?