I am no longer interested in debating one Bush mess after another. I have been asked to do some writing for the Libertarian Party where some corrections will be addressed without popcorn thrown on my words. I am extremely serious about the future of America and I will write solely for the LP.

My association with CHB has been a long one although jumpy at times. I have been severely criticized by people like Flapsaddle on other forums and I don’t need this kind of crap that followed me here.

I have made good friends and contacts with this group but there is always an ugly side and this one is not new to me. I have been told over and over that my level of stupdity must never be read as anything other than rambling. My 60 years of political work is considered a bag of lies. My work with the LP will be done using another name so the Flapsaddles will leave me alone.

It is my hope that someday the LP will stand up and fix the broken mess our White House is in. I wrote my last article this morning and the name Sandra Price will no longer be used.

I need to know what all of you write about so I will remain logged in.

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