Tony Snow died last night. He worked for Fox News, he commented on politics frequently, and usually in favor of the most reich wing policies, and he was best known for being on of the finest Press Secretaries that office has seen.

General George Patton held great admiration for his own fox, the Desert Fox, Nazi Gen. Rommel. It is not improper to recognize the strengths, the talents, and the uses to which a person put them, after their demise.

Tony Snow was very bright, very capable, very loyal. He was able to dissemble facts with such aplomb and ease, that even those few White House Press Corpses who recalled what their duties and responsibilities were, could not even manage to scratch the surface. As bald-faced liars, his talent was unsurpassed by anyone else in this Administration, even Dick Cheney, (who would have practiced lying in front of a mirror but for the fact that his image does not reflect back from them).

Tony could amuse, bemuse, insult, and twist words with such dexterity that if words were a magician’s tool rather than his hands and ability to misdirect, Tony could have easily starred on stage in Vegas.

Tony’s ability to deflect issues, to bald-faced lie, and when caught, to deny any more knowledge were not just superb, but sublime. A truly talented purveyor of pulp and fiction.

To see how bright his star was as White House Press Secretary, just compare him to today’s sorry, embarrassing example, Dana Perino, and it becomes easy to honor him and his talents. When he is buried, people can give pause, ponder and state with complete conviction, here lies one of the nation’s greatest liars.

RIP, Tony Snow. You did your job perfectly.


  1. RichardKanePA

    When Senator Kennedy sick as a dog entered the Senate to vote on part of his dream heath care I would have been one of those clapping if I was present.

    However if he continued to do all his routine Senate work between cemo treatments that leaves normal people too exhausted to do much I would slowly stop cheering especially if Kennedy said or hinted that his God told him to ignore the pain.

    The eulogies to Tony Snow being the past editor of the Washington Times don’t mention that the Washington Times is part of Sun Myung Moon’s conglomerate which includes the Unification Church, UPI and Comcast cable. Often the Washington Times quotes UPI as the source of material derogatory to Cuba. And its swift boating goes back to exposing such things as Clinton’s sex life. After leaving the White House staff, Tony Snow went on to spread more derivative material at CNN despite being sick as a dog.

    Most of the editors of the Washington Times considers Mr. Moon their religion, and as I said at some point I would even stop cheering Kennedy, even though I love his ideas, if his determination started seeming to me to resemble a trance.

  2. Sandra that kind of thinking is bad for your health and I really don’t think personal attacks are within the policy of this site.


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