Tony Snow, RIP

Tony Snow died last night. He worked for Fox News, he commented on politics frequently, and usually in favor of the most reich wing policies, and he was best known for being on of the finest Press Secretaries that office has seen.

General George Patton held great admiration for his own fox, the Desert Fox, Nazi Gen. Rommel. It is not improper to recognize the strengths, the talents, and the uses to which a person put them, after their demise.

Tony Snow was very bright, very capable, very loyal. He was able to dissemble facts with such aplomb and ease, that even those few White House Press Corpses who recalled what their duties and responsibilities were, could not even manage to scratch the surface. As bald-faced liars, his talent was unsurpassed by anyone else in this Administration, even Dick Cheney, (who would have practiced lying in front of a mirror but for the fact that his image does not reflect back from them).

Tony could amuse, bemuse, insult, and twist words with such dexterity that if words were a magician’s tool rather than his hands and ability to misdirect, Tony could have easily starred on stage in Vegas.

Tony’s ability to deflect issues, to bald-faced lie, and when caught, to deny any more knowledge were not just superb, but sublime. A truly talented purveyor of pulp and fiction.

To see how bright his star was as White House Press Secretary, just compare him to today’s sorry, embarrassing example, Dana Perino, and it becomes easy to honor him and his talents. When he is buried, people can give pause, ponder and state with complete conviction, here lies one of the nation’s greatest liars.

RIP, Tony Snow. You did your job perfectly.


  1. incog99

    Sandra that kind of thinking is bad for your health and I really don’t think personal attacks are within the policy of this site.


  2. RichardKanePA


    When Senator Kennedy sick as a dog entered the Senate to vote on part of his dream heath care I would have been one of those clapping if I was present.

    However if he continued to do all his routine Senate work between cemo treatments that leaves normal people too exhausted to do much I would slowly stop cheering especially if Kennedy said or hinted that his God told him to ignore the pain.

    The eulogies to Tony Snow being the past editor of the Washington Times don’t mention that the Washington Times is part of Sun Myung Moon’s conglomerate which includes the Unification Church, UPI and Comcast cable. Often the Washington Times quotes UPI as the source of material derogatory to Cuba. And its swift boating goes back to exposing such things as Clinton’s sex life. After leaving the White House staff, Tony Snow went on to spread more derivative material at CNN despite being sick as a dog.

    Most of the editors of the Washington Times considers Mr. Moon their religion, and as I said at some point I would even stop cheering Kennedy, even though I love his ideas, if his determination started seeming to me to resemble a trance.

  3. Steve Williams

    Snow should have been arrested, tried, and convicted for treason against the People and the Constitution of the United States of America.

    And those are the only words I will say at Snow’s wake.

    even Dick Cheney, (who would have practiced lying in front of a mirror but for the fact that his image does not reflect back from them).

    Well, that managed to make me laugh after thinking some real unpleasant thoughts towards Snow.

  4. Belle

    I have never seen the need to give saint hood to those that die… we ALL die!! Snow was bushes mouthpiece and I don’t give a damn how eloquent or smooth he spoke.. a lie is a lie and a liar is a liar and may the devil be teaching that to him right about now. And that goes for ALL of Bushes neocons or pals or cronies or anyone else that did and STILL supports the worst man to walk the face of the earth since Hitler.The times I yelled “LIAR” to Snow has almost been suppassed by this talking air hear they call press secretary now. Every single one of them will go to their graves with lies and knowledge of what miserable news they gave this country day after day. Dying does not give them sainthood.. they take their lies with them. ….and how you lived THIS life goes also… glad I am in my own miserable shoes right now.I can face judgement day with a clean conscience…………………

  5. Sandra Price

    Come on. Tony did what he was paid to do. Let the man be buried in peace. We are better than this crap.

  6. Hydrox

    The sad truth is Sandra that no, the hateful liberal wing of the democrat party is not better than this crap. This is what it has degenerated into and is not only not shocking in the least it is only par for the course and fully expected. The vileness that passes for discourse in the liberal side of the democrat party is sickening and I can only hope it’s not the future of the party, the government or the country.

  7. acf

    Yes, we should be better than this, and the better person in me does try to keep from speaking ill of the dead, not always successfully, but not speaking ill doesn’t mean that I should honor him with any high words for his skills. He had political positions diametrically opposed to mine, and chose to use his skills of communication to obstruct, and defend a president dragging our country down the drain.

  8. Belle

    In this free world we each have the right to speak our own mind….To each his own, say YOUR words and I shall say my own…. if you do not agree that becomes your problem…..that is what life is all about.. as one ages one can utter whatever one thinks . At 84 years old I have earned the right to speak my own mind. …and do.

  9. Steve Williams

    Goebbels did what he was paid to do. He lied for the Reich. He helped the fascists to take over Germany and so, so many millions of people died as a result.

    Are we all now supposed to be walking, talking examples of stockholm syndrome?


    Snow is not absolved because he died younger than he might of because of cancer. All of us would and eventually will die of cancer if we were to live long enough as the genetic mistakes and damages build up in our cells and our immune system loses its ability to cope.

    I’m not going to hurl obscenities at Snow as is now being done across the net because I don’t talk that way. But I’m also not going to forgive and forget what Snow did. My family and myself may now have to suffer a truly horrible future as the fascists try to take over. And Snow was very much a part of this. As well as Scott McClellan was. (I haven’t forgotten you, Scott. That book is not a Monopoly get-out-of-jail-free card.)

    When Nixon died, it was all happy thoughts and “he was a great man who accomplished so much…” which was total tripe as newsclips of Nixon gleefully destroying innocent people’s lives still existed if anyone bothered to watch them and remember what Nixon really was and did.

    Kids, just say no to stockholm syndrome.

    Kids, just say no to the Minister of Propaganda that the job of White House Press Secretary has become.

  10. incog99

    Physiological Psychology

    In college I learned that thoughts created substances in the body which created health or disease. Many illnesses come from negative thoughts. Good health can be the result of “good thinking” concerning your well being.

    I firmly believe and predicted that Tony would succomb to some illness due to his lieing. He knew he was lieing as well, even worse. What goes around comes around. The whole notion of Karma revolves around these principles. His evil behavior brought on another evil, the horror of cancer.

    As ye sow so shall ye reap.

    So relax people. Karma, God or whatever you want to call it, will get these people in the end. Just live YOUR lives helping others, being honest and as Abigail Adams said to her children, “Do good and be Good” and everything will be fine.

    The evil neocons will get theirs in the end and Tony Snow is an example.


  11. Sandra Price

    I’m glad I got out of here before I have to answer the kind of garbage written above.

  12. woody188

    I feel for his family, but they should be on the air apologizing to us for his deceitful service. I know we aren’t supposed to judge but I can’t forgive or forget what has happened. I’d say he’s innocent before being proven guilty but I believe the lies are now well known. I’m not celebrating. But I won’t respect or show reverence for this man. Not going to happen.

    Tony Snow on Guantanamo Bay, “may be the most humane prisoner-of-war facility in history.” Now see what the Red Cross has to say about it.

    Sandra you are full of grace but I’m just not there. I think Tony got just what he deserved.

  13. DejaVuAllOver

    This “speak no ill of the dead” stuff is just Old Testament garbage. Snow was an arrogant, obnoxious, lying, manipulative, conceited, power-hungry, motor-mouthed jerk. And the one that Bushco chose to make Chief Spokesman for the Country, as if he hasn’t given us enough to be ashamed of already.

    So my question is this: since Snow was such a lowlife while living, does being dead make him better? Personally, I’m glad he’s gone. When he held the microphone, he could distort the truth by dodging questions, not answering, giving non-reply replies of just plain lying. Now, he’s helpless and incapable of distortion while we all tell the TRUTH about him! Eat S$%t, slimebag.

  14. Sandra Price

    Hydrox, I do not speak for the liberal wing of anything. I speak as a human being. I have been non-partisan for many years and moved out of the GOP during Bush 41’s administration. It it must be noted that not all of us here or anywhere have chosen sides on all subjects.

    I feel sorry for you and everyone who sees everything under labels such as Right/Left, Conservative/Liberal when we should be discussing why one side suits us and the other does not. For years I was a Right Wing Conservative until I discovered the desire for the GOP to take over the world and develop a Christian Empire. This did not make me a liberal! It made me an Independent who thought that a third point of view might prevail in the world and even at CHB.

    Too much damage has been done by both sides of the political mess and neither side has an agreeable platform for many of us. I am not and have never been a Christian but I have been a mother, grandmother and Hospice worker and know what Tony went through and the courage he showed up to the very end. This is a hell of a lot more important than the damn fool he worked for in the white house. He was not worried about his legacy but only how his family would survive without him. That is the legacy of a real man not the fool you all claim that he was.

    Your hateful comments to me have gotten to what I represent. I want our freedoms returned and even our deaths to mean something. My removing my votes from the GOP has brought an avalanche of threats that I will go straight to hell and condemn my own children to live under Satan.

    What will stop this angry division among Americans? McCain? Obama? No! It will take a massive bomb to obliterate a couple of million people and then maybe we can form a government of freedoms again. We will never live under the Constitution again as our leaders made it too easy to break it down.

    Will we live again in a fired up civil war? Will we revert back to the north vs the south and this time the Religious Right will close their church doors to the Liberals?

    There is no God in my soul and I see only homosapiens evolving into what may be the end result of evolution. We are all the same species and we refuse to admit it. Many scientists are stating that we may be at the end of our time on earth and they are looking for a place where oxygen can be developed incase any of us survive this self-inflicted holocaust!

    Hydrox, explain to me exactly what you have done for the Republican Party. You sat back and watched the party destroy McCain in 2000 and you did nothing about Bush’s destruction of the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th Amendments in his flurry to prohibit sins.

    I say again, we at CHB are bigger than the horrible comments made about Tim Russert and Tony Snow. We are even bigger than many of Doug’s tirades. But damnit, he is the boss! He’s ripped into me for years and I can take it. But when the CHB readers rip, it is time to move on.

  15. ekaton

    “Hydrox, explain to me exactly what you have done for the Republican Party. You sat back and watched the party destroy McCain in 2000 and you did nothing about Bush’s destruction of the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th Amendments in his flurry to prohibit sins.”

    Do you know Hydrox personally? How else could you make such an accusation?

    — Kent Shaw