A challenge…if you are up to it.

    I am tired of the moaning and groaning, so I challeng all of you including Doug, to do something constructive.

    Senator Obama has asked people to participate in writing the Dem platform. Rush Limbaugh has asked his legions of followers to mess that up with their participation.

    So here is the challenge….Let’s write our own platform here at CHB.

    We have a lot of great people here with a lot of good ideas. Let’s write it and I and a handfull of people around here will take it and submit it to the platform committee.

    It is literally a win-win situation because one of two things will happen…

    1)Obama will embrace it and when he does we will call him on it IF AND WHEN he fails to do anything on it.
    2)Obama will blow us off and then all of you can say….see we were right!

    But it sure can not hurt and it sure would beat what’s been written around here lately.

    Let’s see…my priorities are…

    1)Bring home or redeploy at least 67% our our troops in Iraq NO LATER than 12/25/2009
    2)Eliminate the Patriot Act.
    3)Eliminate the waste and fraud in the govt. After all we live in the 21st century with computers and the internet. There is no excuse for the amount of fraud we see.
    4)Allow anyone without health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid to buy into the Federal Insurance program.
    5)Raise the contribution limit on Social Security which is currently capped at $95,000….an OLD, ARBITRARY number. Of Course the rich people want it lowered but if we do this we will shore up SS without a lot of other changes.
    6)Tax credits, deductions and exemptions for alternate energy sources. Perhaps a tax moratorium for any type of alternate energy source through 2010.

    I could go on but would really like some of the constructive people around here to participate.

    But….if all you are going to do is complain nothing will change then please do it on any other thread. It really is tiresome and this challenge is about doing something….regardless of its outcome.

    “The light can be switched on in an instant. The true question, and also the challenge, is how long it will take you to find the switch.”— James Arthur Ray

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