The Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Chicago civil rights leader known for speaking without thinking, may support presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama in public but apparently has second thoughts about him in private.

An open mike has caught Jackson upset with Obama and saying "I wanna cut his nuts off."

Jackson had just finished an interview on Fox News and was speaking privately after he thought the microphone was off. It wasn’t and Fox, being Fox, decided to go public with what he said.

Jackson went into immediate cover his ass mode, calling the Obama campaign to apologize and issuing a public apology as well.

But the damage is done and even his son, a Congressman from Chicago, is upset by his father’s remarks.

Reports The Associated Press:

Barack Obama’s campaign tried yet again to contain a political storm kicked up by a vocal Chicago supporter as the Rev. Jesse Jackson apologized for crude comments picked up by a live microphone about the Democratic presidential candidate.

Jackson said the "hurtful and wrong" comments came in response to a question from a fellow guest during a break from taping "Fox & Friends" on Sunday. The guest asked about speeches on morality Obama has given at black churches.

Jackson said at a news conference Wednesday that he had said Obama’s speeches can come off as speaking down to black people and that there were other important issues to be addressed in the community, such as unemployment, the mortgage crisis and the number of blacks in prison.

He said he was not aware the microphone was still on.

Jackson declined to repeat the comments, but said he decided to apologize publicly after hearing from Fox News that it would air them.

In an interview with The Associated Press earlier Wednesday, Jackson said he didn’t remember his exact words, but said he was "very sorry."

The Fox News program "The O’Reilly Factor" aired Jackson’s comment Wednesday night, including a slang reference to his wanting to cut off Obama’s testicles. The report bleeped out the slang but made clear what Jackson said with subtitles.

"It was not a public speech or a declaration," Jackson said, adding the comments "will not be helpful."

"For any harm or hurt that this hot mic private conversation may have caused, I apologize," he said in a written apology released earlier in the day. "My support for Senator Obama’s campaign is wide, deep and unequivocal."

Jackson said he called Obama’s campaign to apologize.

Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton noted that the Illinois senator grew up without his father and has spoken and written at length about the issues of parental responsibility and fathers participating in their children’s lives, and of society’s obligation to provide "jobs, justice and opportunity for all.

"He will continue to speak out about our responsibilities to ourselves and each other, and he of course accepts Reverend Jackson’s apology," Burton said.

Though Jackson supports Obama, the two are not close.


  1. The two of them–Jackson and Obama–deserve one another. Both are two-faced exploiters of their race for strictly personal profit. McCain offers little different in his quest to become as wealthy as his wife. He too will rob our depleted treasury and sink our descendants deeper into debt. The lot of them are worthless.

    Bring back Joe Biden. Now there is a man cut of the same cloth as Robert F. Kennedy!

  2. When Danger Reared Its Ugly Head, Sir Obama Tucked his Tail And Fled…Bravely Taking To His Feat, Obama Beat A Very Brave Retreat, Brave, Brave, Brave, Brave…Sir Obama (Of Crap A Lot!).

  3. I agree with Jackson, but it comes from more than talking about fatherless children. Everyone wants to talk about black fatherless children but no one wants to talk about how a proven racist criminal system impacts many of those children.

    Obama and Cosby aren’t the only black people talking about the problem. Louis Farrakhan did a far better job of not only talking about it to black people, but he and the Nation of Islam have a LONG track record of producing families that stay together and foster well-mannered, educated, and violence free children .. and he and the Nation have a LONG track record of rehabilitating men who have been seperated from their families by prison.

    Farrakhan not only talked about the problems of black fatherhood, but he also got about two million of us to travel across country to talk about it with him. It was the most spititual event I have ever attended.

    But white people don’t want to talk about Farrakhan nor the Nation unless they can be painted in a negative light.

    Obama had the perfect opportunity to speak to the PROVEN racism of the criminal system and how it affects black children within the context of his “fatherless” comments .. but he didn’t do that .. because his comments were meant for white people, not black people.

    Obama is never going to mention the name Farrakhan in a positive light because his comments are meant for white people, not black people.

    Often I find many well-meaning non-racist whites who maintain a paternalistic, sort of condescending view of black people they don’t seem to be aware they have.

    Obama ONLY gets elected if he has an energized and vigorous black electorate .. and if yuou think Jesse Jackson is the only one who thinks Obama talks down to blacks and takes them for granted, you would be wrong.

    He becoming a major disappointment and it appewars that he’s just another politician.

  4. Another truly popcorn moment! Jesse Jackson with a look on his face like someone had just slapped him up the side of the head with a spoiled hog liver.

    The race-baiting, poverty-pimp, con-artist, philandering blackmailer and begatter of children out of wedlock posing as a “Reverend”, the guy given absolution for his vile, antisemitic “Hymie-town” remarks, has cut off his own raisins by having dissed the single most prominent black man in the world.

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

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