To call Bush an a egotistical, self-absorbed, not very bright, spoiled, rapidly aging brat” is the equivalent of calling Atilla the Hun a benign, benevolent, beatific ruler.
Bush is one of the great evil men of all time, worse than Hitler because at least Hitler had goals that would have glorified and improved Germany (I’m Jewish, so don’t for a fucking minute think I am saying Hitler was good). Bush is more impervious to kindness and sympathy than Torquemada, the butcher of Spain. Bush cares nothing for the American People, or for that matter, for anyone other than himself. His goal has been personal enrichment, the attainment of greater personal wealth than even his Daddy achieved thru Gulf War I.

So he has succeeded, much to our dismay, with the bought complicity of our Congress and Supreme Court (How else can one explain the irrational abandonment of our personal freedoms and liberty if not by saying the Representatives and Senators and Justices were bribed with some of the excess stolen funds from Iraq?)

So I will make a wish for our President’s Birthday: Mr. Bush, I hope you will enjoy this birthday and I hope it will be your last. I wish you the same fate as those 4,000+ men and women you murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I hope that every dollar of your ill-begotten funds sears burning scars on your fetid flesh for all eternity. May you find Hell, whether it be somewhere below or here on earth, and I truly hope you will bring your mentor Cheney along for the pain and perversions which I pray will be yours for every second for the rest of days.

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