Senator Obama’s reversal on S.2248 as Amended, a bill which deprives American citizens of their right to privacy and free speech as granted by our Constitution and Bill of Rights is a blatant sell-out. It is obvious that the Senator anticipates winning the nomination and then the election, and that he wants the right to continue spying on Americans. It is not obvious that he will cease this and restore our freedoms if and when he is elected.

Sadly John McCain offers little better in this regard. He also voted to continue the degradation of our constitution and Bill of Rights, and both McCain and Obama are already evidencing delusions of grandeur and indicating that they too want an Imperial Presidency. This is not acceptable and only by writing to them and withholding our vote AND voting out those Representatives and Senators who supported the FSIA Bill can we restore our freedoms and rights as law-abiding American Citizens.

At the moment, all we have is our vote. This is our major weapon that we should use now. Fortunately the fools on the Supreme Court upheld the 2nd Amendment, so there are other options available down the line. Our great country was founded by armed revolution against a tyrannical despot who bore the title of King. We don’t need a King and we don’t need a President who believes he or she is an Emperor or Empress. Clinton’s ego, in the long run, was her achilles heel and caused her defeat. Obama’s hubris may do the same

We cannot afford a President who flip-flops on issues, for this is a sign that the issues were not thought through sufficiently beforehand. Lack of proper consideration has, as we saw in the false reasons put forth by Bush and Cheney, led to disasters like Iraq, the death of over 4,000 of our soldiers, a grotesquely inflated price for a barrel of oil, and a world-wide depression. If Obama did not lie, then he did not fairly and properly cconsider the FISA Bill. In a candidate this could be self-defeating, in a President it could be fatal.

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