Bush Threatening To Veto Homeless Veterans Bill

Whatever happened to “Support Our Troops”?

Whenever the Dems don’t give GW what he wants he accuses them of being unpatriotic.

What the hell would you call this?

The House approved a homeless veterans housing bill overwhelmingly Wednesday, even though White House advisers warned they’d urge President Bush to veto it.

The bill sponsored by Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, authorizes spending $200 million on housing and services for veterans, requires 20,000 rental vouchers a year for low-income housing for veterans and authorizes $1 million for grants to nonprofit groups to provide housing and services for veterans.

…..The Senate version of the bill is sponsored by Democrat Barack Obama, the Illinois lawmaker who is the party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

Bush’s advisers said in a statement they oppose a wage provision in the bill that requires builders of veterans housing to pay employees prevailing wage.

It couldn’t be that GW doesn’t want to give Obama anything to use against Bush/McCain could it? That would be playing politics with the lives of our brave soldiers and their families! Heavens forbid! (wink)

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