Did McCain Plagiarize His New Campaign Slogan?

I’m getting really sick and tired of the double standards that the lie and Cheat Republicans embrace. At least Conservative Andrew Sullivan apparently still has some standards as he reports the following:

“Don’t Hope For A Better Life; Vote For One”
08 Jul 2008 06:38 pm

That’s McCain’s new slogan. It’s directly plagiarized from an early Tory party ad in the 1970s created by Saatchi and Saatchi for Thatcher:

The first work produced for the party was a television broadcast devised by Charles, in which images of everyday Britain were run in reverse. The dramatic sequence was concluded with Michael Heseltine uttering the slogan: ‘Backwards or forwards, because we can’t go on as we are. Don’t hope for a better life; vote for one.’

Since this type of thing was an issue for Senator Obama a few months back, it should also be an issue for Bush/McCain. I can’t wait to hear his excuse for this one.