Here’s a wild idea…..

The Dems in the House (who all happen to be up for re-election this year)need to elect a NEW Speaker of the House as Rep Nancy Pelosi is seen as totally inept and part of the problem.

They should replace her with Rep Dennis Kucinich who was the only member of the house to introduce impeachment proceedings against Bush & Cheney.

Once he becomes speaker of the house and next in line after GW & Cheney, Dennis would indeed proceed with impeachment proceedings for all the world to watch. And every single last member of the House on both sides of the aisle would have to opportunity to publicly go on record as to whether they support GW or they support the Constitution and the will of the people.

Oh what a glorified spectacle it will be to watch…and if they timed it right, we could similtaneously go on strike to watch the proceedings.

If it makes it to the Senate, then once and for all it will be put up or shut up. Once and for all we will see exactly where the logjam is in our government.

Oh yes, if the Dems were smart, this is EXACTLY what they would do. It would be the perfect televised platform to put on trial Bush, his policies and those that support and enable those policies…aka John McCain. It would literally cost nothing as every single politico in the world would be talking about it. After all, Congress isn’t doing a damn thing anyways except sitting around playing politics.

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