Sam Nunn is sounding awfully Vice-Presidentital(wink)

Nunn: Pakistan Is Our Most Dangerous Conflict

As we waste time, money and lives in Iraq….the REAL TERRORISTS are alive and well in Pakistan intent on causing trouble in Afghanistan.

This is serious stuff.

In 2002, an Afghani man who is living in our country warned myself and my husband at the time about Pakistan.

People forget that up until recently, Pakistan has been ruled by a military man, Musharef, that took over the govt in a military coup.

People forget that Pakistan has nuclear weapons.

People forget that Pakistan has warned the US not to enter Pakistan looking for Al Qaeda.

So what do you think will happen if the US decides to go after Al Qaeda in Pakistan? Why hasn’t Bush done so? He promised to get Osama Bin Laden no matter what. He’s used this whole “terrorist” thing to justify his illegal actions and his personal vendetta in Iraq.

What will the next POTUS do? I firmly believe that McCain will invade Pakistan and start World War III if he gets control of our govt and military. And there is not a damn thing anyone could do about it.

So remember, to Re-elect Bush/McCain 08! Starting World War III under the ruse of “fighting terrorism!

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