When was the last time any National Candidate did something like this?

Obama Lets Voters Add To DNC Platform

The Democratic National Committee and Barack Obama’s presidential campaign will hold meetings in all 50 states to get voters more involved in developing the party platform.

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano will chair the Platform Drafting Committee, the DNC and the Obama campaign were scheduled to announce Tuesday. The committee will invite members of the public to attend meetings around the country, with policy experts and other Democratic officials on hand to answer questions……..

Voters can go to Obama’s campaign Web site, , to sign up to host one of the meetings, which will take place July 19-27. The drafting committee will receive a report with input from the meetings Aug. 1 before assembling a draft platform in Cleveland on Aug. 2-3. http://www.barackobama.com

Personally, I’m getting really sick of the haters. Some people remind me of a little kid that wants a lollipop but when he gets it, he doesn’t want it because it’s not the right color or flavor.

I have been following politics well over 50 years and not one candidate has EVER done anything like this before.

Senator Obama is taking this seriously. He OBVIOUSLY has learned the lessons of the past two elections. HE UNDERSTANDS THE SHOW! Personally, I’m glad! I do not believe that our country can withstand 4 MORE YEARS OF BUSH/MCCAIN!

So perhaps he really is a different type of candidate. Perhaps he understands the constitution. Perhaps he cares about our country ENOUGH to play HARDBALL! Perhaps…..
we won’t know FOR SURE until he becomes POTUS! One thing for certain, he is DEFINITELY BETTER THAN BUSH/MCCAIN!

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