Birthday Boy – George W. Bush

For at least the third time in public, in six days, George W. Bush mentioned his birthday. (there have been others, but I am not invited to 7 figure fund raisers)

The first time, Boy George was being asked about gas prices, and managed to “rap” from $4/gallon prices, to the 4th weekend being his birthday.

The second time, The Child W was talking about McCain’s campaign, and how continuing his policies would save our economy. And how it was his birthday this weekend.

The third time was in Japan. You can pretty much ignore the rest of his half-sentences, his incurious comments, and his general level of not caring about the damage that he and his policies have caused around the world. HIS KEY POINT?

It was his 62nd BIRTHDAY!

To be fair, I can relate to the president on this one. I clearly recall when my birthday was being ignored, not mentioned, – it was like it was not happening and did not exist. I was horrified, angry, pissed off, and ready to bite someone’s head off. In a word, I WAS MAD!

I was also 5 years old.

For a grown man of 62 years to mention his birthday at least THREE TIMES in public, deliberately repeating that fact to the media, with all intention of their publishing, airing, printing, and video-playing that fact, tells us something very important about this president. Anyone who was in the least convinced that he plays the fool in public, while being a wily, smart, behind the scenes type of important leader were not only wrong, they were very, very wrong.

George W. Bush is little more than a egotistical, self-absorbed, not very bright, spoiled, rapidly aging brat, who is privately pissed off that AMERICA is not celebrating his birthday with a national party. After all, he earned it!

It is therefore fitting that I leave you with this:
The Japanese Bush Warbler (Japanese: 鶯 uguisu), Cettia diphone, is a passerine bird more often heard than seen. Its distinctive breeding call can be heard throughout much of Japan from the start of spring. Along with the return of the barn swallow the bush warbler’s call is viewed by Japanese as a herald of springtime.

Some other Japanese names are haru-dori (“spring bird”), haru-tsuge-dori (“spring-announcing bird”) and hanami-dori (“hanami bird” (“spring-flower-viewing bird”)). Its place in Japanese poetry (see below) has given the name uta-yomi-dori (“poem-reading bird”) and kyo-yomi-dori (“sutra-reading bird”), this latter name owing to the fact that its call is traditionally transcribed in Japanese as “Hō-hoke-kyo”, which is a phrase from the lotus sutra.

I’ve lost count how many days left. All I know is that it still is too long. And global war is still possible under his leadership. YIKES.


  1. pollchecker

    George W. Bush is little more than a egotistical, self-absorbed, not very bright, spoiled, rapidly aging brat, who is privately pissed off that AMERICA is not celebrating his birthday with a national party. After all, he earned it!

    You are just now figuring this out? After 7 years?

  2. Steve Williams

    Happy birthday, George!

    We’re just so glad that you’ve been our President!

    P.s. Note to webmaster: could it be possible to add on the (leftarrow)s(rightarrow) for strike-through as an allowed html tag? Thanks. I had a bit of strike-through sarcasm going, but it didn’t work.

  3. bryan mcclellan

    I hope he gets poop in his stocking,
    shucks, thats Xmas.

    Well anyway,We’ve been stepping in his long enough.

    Time is near he won’t be wearing our shoes with his poopy feet anymore.

  4. remoran

    Happy B Day

    It boggles the mind when considering just how bad the reign of Boy George has been but we can forget all that because it’s his 62nd birthday, the one thing he can claim that he did not screw up as long as he can count up to 62 without incident, something that may be impossible to achieve given the fact he has done nothing right since being selected as president.

    Any questions?

  5. barak

    To call Bush an a egotistical, self-absorbed, not very bright, spoiled, rapidly aging brat” is the equivalent of calling Atilla the Hun a benign, benevolent, beatific ruler.
    Bush is one of the great evil men of all time, worse than Hitler because at least Hitler had goals that would have glorified and improved Germany (I’m Jewish, so don’t for a fucking minute think I am saying Hitler was good). Bush is more impervious to kindness and sympathy than Torquemada, the butcher of Spain. Bush cares nothing for the American People, or for that matter, for anyone other than himself. His goal has been personal enrichment, the attainment of greater personal wealth than even his Daddy achieved thru Gulf War I.

    So he has succeeded, much to our dismay, with the bought complicity of our Congress and Supreme Court (How else can one explain the irrational abandonment of our personal freedoms and liberty if not by saying the Representatives and Senators and Justices were bribed with some of the excess stolen funds from Iraq?)

    So I will make a wish for our President’s Birthday: Mr. Bush, I hope you will enjoy this birthday and I hope it will be your last. I wish you the same fate as those 4,000+ men and women you murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I hope that every dollar of your ill-begotten funds sears burning scars on your fetid flesh for all eternity. May you find Hell, whether it be somewhere below or here on earth, and I truly hope you will bring your mentor Cheney along for the pain and perversions which I pray will be yours for every second for the rest of days.