McCain Battles a Nemesis, the Teleprompter

A politician who thrives in informal settings is trying to meet the more scripted speaking demands of a general election campaign.

One Response to "McCain Battles a Nemesis, the Teleprompter"

  1. Belle   July 6, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    Mcbush SHOULD be wary of a teleprompter.. he is so far out of touch wirh the real world, he will need one of those little black boxes under his jacket to tell him what to say when he has more than 4 words to speak in a sentance. Watch for the tell tale lump under his jacket. Reagan could not speak without Nancy there telling him what to say..bush had his little box on his back telling HIM what to say and Mcbush will need the same thing. Why do republicans keep digging up these people from a cemetery to run for POTUS? It is a dying party and we will give them a good hearty burial in November…